Last question you asked?

How many digits are in an Andorran phone number?

Take it to the Star Trek thread.


Does the UK have an equivalent approach to undisclosed disclaimers with respect to novelty only prior art as the European Patent Office?

(yes it does)

I’ve been really bored today.

“Is this with the radio or bluetooth or what?”

where’s the box?

When is the red alert coming through?

WRONG, I was timing the button press knowing full well what I was asking and to whom.


How do you get rid of columns?

Do you want me to try to change your timetable or are you happy moving rooms between periods 1 and 2 on a Thursday?

do you know where the toilets are?

they were not, but they made me a brew anyway :+1:

before that it was

we dont, it is enough :+1:

what a day

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“Are you taxing it as a commercial vehicle?”

The answer was yes.

Can you show me how to do the data upload into the ODA tool next week please?

Whether a patient had acute promyelocytic leukaemia or acute myeloid leukaemia. (Actually quite a big deal depending on the answer)

Written: how did your parents end up in Strasbourg?

Spoken: are you sure you don’t want it? (referring to a Heineken glass and 0.0% ABV Heineken can & bottle belonging to a colleague)

Have you ever been to a Harvester before?

Do you think you could put your Word file in the correct place on the server so that I can access it?

(It was the third time today that she’d failed to put the copy in the right place.)

Ian, why has the developer used &G across several tables to pick up name?

This is exactly the conclusion we came to.

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