Last really really famous act you only just got into

Sometimes being a super cool obscure music nerd means you catch onto some really good, really famous stuff a few decades after everyone else.

Latest one for me is the Kinks – what have I been doing?? Strangers is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Death of a Clown is amazing. Probably only heard these songs (consciously) for the first time a couple of months ago.

What’s the latest obviously great music that everyone already knows that you’ve only just heard?

Vince Staples
Kinda feel like i’m warming to Lana Del Rey too


Stuck the newest Lorde album on the other day and quite liked it.


Started delvng into Roxy Music


Kinks for me as well. No idea why I never listened to them before.

Only listened to Bowie beyond the greatest hits about 6 months before he died.

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John Martyn, thanks to @theShipment posting Hurt In Your Heart in that guitar solos thread. Weird because it seems so up your alley that you wonder how it passed you by for so long


Probably Taylor Swift. Accidentally heard a song in 2014. Loved her stuff. Saw her concert in 2015 at Hyde Park and I’m the owner of a Taylor Swift hoodie and t-shirt.

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Sonic Youth
Fuck Buttons
David Thomas Broughton

Was never really into high-street music until I discovered these!

Tom Waits. Been surrounded by people who liked him for decades, big fans all, I always liked what i’d heard, never really took the time to make an effort. Got a copy of the ‘33 And A 3rd’ book about Swordfishtrombones and the trusty ‘How To Buy’ guide from the back of an old Mojo and am now Making An Effort. Crazy to think songs like ‘Time’ and ‘Martha’ and ‘Yesterday Is Here’ had passed my by for 20-odd years.

In short; holy shit.


Prince after he died,

Dont think I’d even heard of kendrick lamar before damn came out

Is Sufjan Stevens “really really famous”? If so, that would be mine.

Also, a couple of years ago I finally picked up Surrealistic Pillow after hearing mention of Jefferson Airplane for years but never really hearing them.

I think if those three are what you consider ‘high street music’ then either the high street is a very different beast these days or you are into some REALLY obscure shit and I want a spotify playlist of some of your faves! :smiley:

I guess I’ve only been really listening to Fleetwood Mac over the last few weeks. Someone posted Tusk and I was like, “What IS this?” and then it got into the full band bit I was like, “Woah”. Dunno, I had never really gone much beyond Rumours so it’s interesting to hear a lot more of their stuff.

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The thing about Fleetwood Mac is that you can realistically divide their career into at least three different eras. Their early Peter Green era, which was very blues-influenced, sounds very different from the mega-sales era featuring Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. In between those you have the “middle” period featuring Bob Welch, and while I’m not too familiar with that period many of their fans say those albums are their best work of all.

Annoyingly, Fleetwood Mac released two different albums titled “Fleetwood Mac”, widely separated in time, so when you say “their self-titled album” you need to specify which one you mean.

Hey man, at least they only did two. Weezer, Peter Gabriel and (I think) Orbital have all done four! :smiley:

I presume Gabriel’s four consecutive solos might have predated barcodes. Must have been a fucker to work in a record store in those days when the phone rang.
“Hello, do you have the album Peter Gabriel?”
“Which one?”
“Melty Face? Car?”
“Oh fuck that, the poncing, fucking prog-bastard.”

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As in really really famous?

The Smashing Pumpkins are probably the last super famous band I’ve taken some effort to get into, and that was 4 years ago

I was thinking maybe I should listen to Soundgarden/Aliceinchains/other grungy bands mentioned in that other thread.

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OK, so you are referring here to Car, Melt, Scratch, and Security, which seem to be the names his fans have settled on for the albums.

I think at the time he put out some nonsense about how the four albums were supposed to be like the continuing story of Peter Gabriel, like issues of a magazine. I didn’t buy it. He could still have titled them “Issue 1”, “Issue 2”, etc. There is minimalism, which is fine up to a point, and then there is just plain silliness.

Mate, he’s Peter Gabriel. Dude was always off the hook weird as I understood it?

Anyway, yeah they have those names amongst fans. I have Car and Melt which are both good albums although a bit dated. “So” still gets frequent replays though, such a good album.

only just started listening to Grace Jones. She’s excellent


Pretty sure that’s the wolfcastle :wink: