Last really really famous act you only just got into


Although shame as I was hoping for that playlist :grin:

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Solange, think I always thought that as Beyonce’s sister she was probably only famous for that reason but I was sorely mistaken

Whenever I tell someone that Solange was the best act I saw at Glastonbury last year I often get a: What? Beyonce’s sister? Really? sort of reaction.

She/they were truly excellent. Straight in to my top 5 gigs of all time.


Listened to wildest dreams today for the first time in a few years. What a song!

Tusk’s great.

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Solange is much better than Beyonce IMO.

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Depeche Mode. Obviously knew a few of the biggest tunes but never really properly sat down and listened to them. Working my way through the albums now and of course they’re amazing.

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Only really got into Neil Young within the last year. Quite a few of my friends are huge fans, but despite being into similar stuff he’d always passed me by. Got into On The Beach last year and haven’t looked back.


I have Nightclubbing - great album, but I’m not sure I need more than one album by Grace.

Her version of Demolition Man is much better than either the original by The Police or the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band version.

I should have said “the version by the Police”. Grace Jones’ version was recorded before they did it, so hers is “the original”.

Push the Sky Away in 2014 was the first time I really got into Nick Cave even though so many of my friends love him, it just sort of passed me by and didn’t leave an impression on my. From then on it totally clicked.

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Incorrect - the other two albums in the Compass Point trio (Warm Leatherette & Living My Life) are also essential listening. Although Nightclubbing is definitely her best.


Closest I’ve got to an answer for this question is Wolf Alice, in that I never really listened to the debut, but really enjoyed last year’s one. Went back to the debut a few months ago, and it’s okay but the follow-up is heaps better.

Absolutely the same. So glad I got to fall in love with Skeleton Tree.


Ty Segall’s done this recently too, the shit.


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yeah i picked up a copy of Abbatoir Blues in CEX in 2013 on a bit of a whim as a new friend had been talking about being a big fan, and then checked out Push the Sky Away a few months later around end of year poll time.

then remember getting really into Dig Lazarus Dig for a while which i’d previously dismissed a couple of years earlier after trying one song, and then carried on from there.

I completely dismissed Nick Cave for years because his early stuff with Birthday Party turned me off completely. It was not until I heard some tracks off Henry’s Dream that I was forced to re-evaluate him.

One thing I like about him is that he always insists on The Bad Seeds getting equal credit.

Henry’s Dream might be my favourite, but The Birthday Party are very much up my street too

And yeah, I definitely think of ‘Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ as very much a band rather than solo act with backing.

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Until Blixa and Mick Harvey left.
I don’t care about the bad seeds anymore.
Sad times.