Last thing you did that was 100% a total waste of time


just got an email from skype saying my credit was going to become inactive, but that all i had to do was login and reactivate it. had forgotten my password though so had to do recover password to log in and then reactivated it.

i want the last ten minutes back.


last 3 days i’ve done fa tbh
quite lazy rn


I’m watching the olympic heroes parade on bbc RIGHT NOW.


(does london know this is happening in manchester? How has this even been allowed?)


watched Man U vs Liverpool


opened this thread!!!


Browsed an ASCII art gallery on the original 1998 You’ve Got Mail site.

“Alien Ghost” by hOs98 is my favourite:


got sent a questionnaire this morning to do in advance of a workshop i’m going to later in the week. spent 10 mins filling it out. an hour later the woman who’s running the workshop sent another email saying oops, she’d sent round a draft copy by mistake and here’s the final version with different questions, please do that one instead


Last eight years on here would have to be up there, bar possibly my peak food photography years (which weirdly coincided with a very lengthy period of unemployment).


read four articles to prepare for my class today. the teacher was going to put us into two opposing sides to debate whether anthropologists can also engage in advocacy. I was assigned the debate moderator fffffs.


Was leaving to get bagels and assorted vegetables and a jar of pickles
Got to the ground floor, went back upstairs to grab my brolly
But it was dry by the time I returned


This thread.


I believe it’s happening all over again tomorrow in London.

Although it would be appropriate for a parade to celebrate people who are good at the things your parents make you do when you’re <12 should happen in England’s 3rd city


oh fuck whatttt really


been doing loads of replies on here and getting no interaction, gonna go read my war book.


great post, @DarwinBabe :cat2:


Whatever I last did in work


i had £10 of credit on my skype and they said it would soon get deleted since I hadn’t used it in a year so I sent a random text to myself just to keep it going

logged in yesterday to make a phone call and they’ve deleted it all



Think you just need to reactivate it?




log in on the actual site, not the app