Last thing you got a bit obsessed about

What’s the last thing you got obsessed about for a bit?

Could be buying a new appliance so you’ve read hundreds of reviews, gone deep into niche forums to get the inside scoop and basically just let a relatively mundane choice affect your life for a few days/weeks?

Or obsessed about a film so you need to know everything about it.

That kind of thing.

I more or less only get into things obsessively. I don’t know how to like things only a little bit.

So probably making imaginary money in my spaceship simulator computer game of choice. Or a card game called Star Wars Destiny. Or how the meta has shifted due to new cards coming out for my favourite card game. Or

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Bought an aeropress yesterday

Had 7 cups of coffee

Couldn’t sleep


Learning Spanish. This January I signed up for a class to spruce up my rusty travel Spanish/get out of the house on a Monday night, and now I find myself obsessed. I’m downloading podcasts, struggling though El Pais articles and eating chorizo every chance I get. In fact I’m so obsessed, I might start a new thread on DiS!

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Is Chorizo a well know aid in learning languages?

Should have wrote “drinking San Miguel”, which is.


oh, I’m bad at this.

When about to buy a tv, I remember looking at the balance sheet of Richer Sounds to see if they would be around long enough to be able to honour it.

Other times, I don’t care though. I do have a Warren Evans mattress that did have a ten-year guarantee until the company folded a couple of weeks ago.

About to become a first-time car owner this weekend. The amount of youtube videos I watch is incomprehensible and the reason unfathomable.

I’m eating more of those Walkers Max Strong crisps than I should


Came here to say buying a new car. Signed up to Carwow, the spreadsheet I made for that is one of the most tragic things I’ve ever done (would the cost if collecting a car from Preston be offset by spending £4 a month less over 4 years? Decisions decisions…).


A girl, because I’m an idiot.


Yep, I identify with this.

Car finance is screaming out for some tidy excel work. Do something similar with mobile phones too


A boy, because I’m an idiot

(Not mistersteve)

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Bloody hell, I hadn’t heard about Warren Evans going under.

Ohhhh long boring story alert: I LOVE warren evans beds, and there was a bed in particular that I wanted, and it had been half price in the sale but when I went to buy it the sale was over, and my friend (who is a WE devotee) told me to just keep checking as they are always having sales thoughout the year, so I checked back every week, and then one week about 4 months down the line, there it was in all its glory with 40% off, and that was good enough for me. Went through the whole process of the online purchase only to discover at the checkout/ delivery stage that they don’t deliver to fucking scotland innit.


We are still sleeping on a broken bed rn cos I can’t bring myself to look at others :joy::rofl:

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couple of years ago i discovered Kishi Bashi, and within a few days i’d puchased the first two albums plus the 3 singles all on vinyl

now there’s 2 tracks i go back to, although they are absolutely fucking incredible

one track is Manchester the other is his cover of This Must Be The Place

cookie clicker


At the moment I’m obsessed with Zelda and running.

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Everything that I do, really. It’s one of the reasons why I deliberately keep my distance on certain things because I know that they will become all consuming.

This past month I have been looking into PC monitors, so if you want to ask me anything about G-Sync PC monitors, feel free.

What does the g stand for?