Last thing you got a bit obsessed about

It hasn’t gone under, as such. it’s still trading, but has gone for moratorium of Administration to protect its position. Good old duff and phelps (shudder). Hopefully a new investor will come along quickly as it’s a good business and it would be a shame to see it go (although equally would be a shame to see it swallowed up by dfs or similar.)

next up: New Look. I give it till Easter tops.


yep, sad news :disappointed:


They were having sales very frequently but I think that was there business model rather than a symptom of hardship. We really like our bed and sad we won’t be able to replace it with another once it breaks

My tv went to the liquidation sale as we hoped to get a steal on some matching bedside tables. The shop stock was decimated. People obviously love a bargain but I think they were still respected and it is a shame no buyer was found for the business

Can’t remember the last time I felt anything of note for anyone/thing

Stardew Valley probably.

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Kind of hoped I’d be able to channel my obsessive tendencies into cycling and nerd out over all the kit while getting super fit… but it’s all extremely dull, isn’t it.


Thomas Bernard

Read Corrections last July and have read 5 or so of his books since then. They’re all essentially the same but I can’t get enough of his Austrian miserabilism.

literally always disappointed when I unblur something and it turns out to be cycling.


probably My Brother, My Brother and Me (podcast)

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Yeah but one time it might ACTUALLY be something really exciting like cycling and you’ll be rewarded for your persistence.




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No one seems to have a good answer for that.

Graphics or Games or GeForce, most likely.

had the hot chicken wings ones, wasn’t overly impressed - haven’t had either of the other two though so they have time to win me over

in fairness though they say they’re made to be perfect to eat with beer, and I’m eating them with orange squash, so might have an impact

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Add insult to injury why don’t you

Ritter Sport. Mainly the butter biscuit ones.


MBMBAM is my go to podcast for when I have trouble sleeping, put that on and I’m usually asleep by the end, if not by the money zone. not because it’s boring, but I think it just relaxes me. usually end up listening to the bit I missed the day after.

really like the TV show too

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probably Persona 5? I mean I got the special edition of the game the day it came out, played it for over 100 hours, bought the soundtrack and listen to it all the time, made an app based on part of it, and got multiple bits and pieces shipped over from Japan like a Morgana t-shirt, Joker, Morgana and Ann figures etc.


just conspiracy theories in general. last one was probably the lost cosmonauts.

don’t really believe in any of them, just like reading what people believe. they’re good stories, too. ever heard of a boring conspiracy theory? NO.


I haven’t seen the tv show yet. yeah same though - I go to sleep listening to it as well. listen to it pretty much every night now.

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Women’s Ice Hockey