Last thing you got a bit obsessed about

Oh man, they really just sold off the stock in a fire-sale? That’s so sad. I think they should have held out for a trade buyer at least :frowning: Bloody duff & phelps.
@marckee- seems like they may not be actually trading after all.


don’t sleep on a broken mattress!

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Yeah, this seems to be the latest news:

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Chess, fuck me. Was playing 100+ games a week. Found it a great release at first, but after a while started thinking the virtually infinate amount of possibilities was sending me a bit Bobby Fischer so quit before i ended up going proper illuminati theory.

I can confirm they had a liquidation sale, I walked in on the last day and they were literally selling everything even the shop fittings. Wish I had been a day or two earlier it was dirt cheap.

Wanky beer, man. Good for the soul, bad for the wallet and waistline.

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Persona 5

Antoni from Queer Eye for about two days last week

I am mega obsessed with skincare, especially a brand called Deciem.

I have score of little vials from the Ordinary and NIOD all over my bathroom.

With the religious daily use (even in winter) of SPF50 on my face, neck, chest and hands for a few years, along with my million vials and unctures, I have managed to eradicate every freckle and bit of sun damage and prevent any more.

The ritualistic purging of melatonin was done in anticipation of my 40th, and it was in the nick of time because lots of my friends are starting to show the signs of sun damage and my skin* looks amazing and better than it did at 30.

There’s no point in having a skin routine like this though unless you are able to let it get to obsessive levels.

*face, let’s not talk about the current state of my legs and arse. Can’t wait for winter to do one so I can get my legs out in the air.

Watched about 40 hours of the casey anthony trial and dont think i’m anywhere near the end :grimacing:

Probably the whole “postmodernism is causing the downfall of society” idea which is being put forward by people claiming to be reasonable centrists.

It’s really, really strange not least because it seems that half the people who are advancing it haven’t actually read half the things they’re referring to.

Didn’t want rumours to start

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its a very odd slogan the perfect with beer stuff

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Getting a dog - parents said once I moved back we could get one so I did a lot of reading up on different breed types and temperaments, checking out shelters, looking for one that we were a good fit for and vice versa. As well as insurance costs and the like.

Found a perfect lil guy and my parents have said that there is 100% no way ever they will ever get another pet because they are “not animal people”


Spent about 2 hours researching rucksacks today.

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We planned to go but only get there at the end, when everything was gone. It was in the paper as 80% off, which is a pretty sweet deal

Board games is the most recent big one for me. Mate bought me Catan for my birthday two years ago, six months later I had spent about £120 on more games and clocked countless hours on YouTube watching Shut Up and Sit Down and The Dice Tower. I’ve probably watched at least one 8-15 minute review of each of Boardgamegeek’s Top 100 games. I now own 12 games ranging from £15-40ish, some I’ve played only once and one I haven’t even played at all yet.

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Currently have about 15 tabs open about different film types and developer combinations.

Might just close them all and move on.

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This thread;

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Vintage (well 70s/80s) amps. I had to replace mine, but knew I wanted something that sounded and looked good too, something a little out of the ordinary. Part of the reason was a photographer was going to do a project about vinyl collectors and their records/setup and I wanted it all to be looking good. The project never happened, but by then I had been emailing second hand stores in Finland about limited run Sony amps from the 70s.

This is a strange one, but if I am channel hopping and see the ‘God Channel’ (whatever it’s called) I become transfixed. I am not religious at all, but there is something really quite fascinating about these people banging on about it and being really convinced by it all. I just sit there for hours.

‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’. Watched the whole series in a day. Fucking loved it, all the period details included. Ended up looking up New York in the 50s and 60s and all the protests Jane Jacobs lead against regeneration projects. That was a good day.