Last Thursday in August 2020 thread

Just got a bit sad about August and the summer being nearly done. Happens every year, I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Anyway, have your Thursday here:


Morning Rob. Just on my way home from a very early walk to the supermarket. Best part:

Worst part: getting my feet tangled in a thorny branch lying across the towpath, which has left deep scratches in the back of my knee. Have a horrible feeling they’ll take a while to heal.


Sorry about your incident. I was told there is no word for the back of your knee. So I suggest flamjit? Go to your doctor and explain you have a mangled flamjit.


Morning! I have the same feelings, it’s that end of the summer back to school vibe isn’t it.

Today I am meeting people for lunch later and doing some work before and after that.

Also need to buy more milk, ALWAYS need milk.

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That’s much easier to remember than my popliteal fossa, tbf.

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Hi everyone! Not got a lot to do today apart from take Mrs F to a doctor’s appointment and watch more Office. Really fucking happy about the end of summer tbh, hate it.

Opposite feelings for me, good riddance summer, I don’t being in summer.

R promised today he’d let me cut his hair, so that obviously isn’t happening. Or maybe it might, he woke up while I was writing this and when I told him it was haircut day he didn’t moan at me, so maybe there’s hope…

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Liked for the view, not the knee. GWS!

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Morning all

Any mention of the end of summer makes me think of this

And just like that I’m listening to Jetplane Landing all day.

Hope you’re all well.


Today is my Friday :partying_face:


I can’t have my Thursday because today is my Friday!!

Unexpectedly found out yesterday that I have an important meeting today in person, so I’m going to dress in the black and white of our logo, which is perfect because I bought both black and white hairbands yesterday! The white one is cream really and it’s bedazzled with gems, whereas the black one is velvet and oversized (in terms of amount of material). Both 70% off, can’t go wrong there.

Then tonight I am going over to my parents’ and hopefully spending the evening with my precious prince Mr Pumpkin :sparkling_heart: who my dad showed me on video call yesterday but he freaked out and wanted to go back in the tank. My dad said he saw my face and ran away but really I know that Pumpkin doesn’t like him (genuinely; he only comes out to play if my mum or I are there). Bet my tiny baby will come and play with me no problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Feel exactly the same about the end of August, school blues I’ve never been able to shake off.

Today I have no plans, just looking into joining a new gym as my (heavily subsidised) work one won’t be open this side of January. Why are gyms so spenny? :sleepy:

How do people get out of bed


A five year old screaming “I WANT MY BREAKFAST” in my ear. Just to make the screaming stop.



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  • Hate it

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And I do appreciate that everyone’s different. I’m sure things like hay fever and society’s expectations to be more fun in summer can be a real challenge.

No bank holidays between next Monday and Christmas though.

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Seeing a lot of anti-muffin stuff by so-called respected posters. Sad.


With great difficulty!

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Morning all!

Today was my non-nursery day so obviously Wor Lass didn’t sleep well and I did the nursery delivery.

I’m actually going to do some work today. It’s technically my Friday but I’ve spent a lot of time this week playing computer games so I will probably do some work tomorrow too. I have two job applications that close this weekend so need to do that too.

Oh dear god, my avatar is terrifying. I forgot I changed it.