Last Thursday in August 2020 thread



It is Thursday I suppose


Up quite a bit in the night, but then didn’t get woken up by a shouting child until 8.30, so :person_shrugging:

1-9 today. Just huge amounts of cba going on.

payday today :partying_face:


I love it

The new avatars have really freshened the place up

shame on everyone that didn’t change, or changed back immediately.

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Off to the office


it’s a kneepit


Was I supposed to be changing? I didn’t get that memo

Ah - a thread from last night. I wasn’t online last night

still don’t completely trust the koala


me neither but he’s here to stay

Pros: everyone walking around half naked
Cons: literally everything else

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Cannot be arseholed

Having an argument with an architect that doesn’t understand his own drawings. I’m too tired for this nonsense.

Fucking marckee.


My baaaaAAAAaaackkkk

Slept better tonight tbf so I can enjoy my “physical therapy” better

by which I mean playing the new Control DLC while lying on the bed. Not wanking like what you thought I meant

Someone’s in the Thursday spirit bright and early

Just turned the shower on and was about to step in and there’s ANOTHER HUGE SPIDER sir how did you even get in here I cannot


Just got back from taking the dog for a walk. She ate a couple of things and I’m panicking in case someone put poison down (this happened on my estate a couple of years ago) but she’s snoozing like a champ under the table so I guess she’s fine?

Parents have gone to my uncle’s flat to sort through more stuff. He was a big Speedway fan/collector so we’re giving all of his stuff to the Speedway Museum(!) which is in a safari park(!!). Apparently he really wanted to visit and asked my cousin to take him. So my cousin went with his other half instead, and told Brian it was just a shit shed and not worth it. Brian (my uncle) was really upset. I wish I’d known about this, me and my folks would have fucking taken him ourselves. My cousin is such a prick, honestly.

Errr that rant went on longer than I expected soz

Thursday! Filth! etc

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This is another reason I’m scared of living alone

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