Last time someone told YOU to fuck off

I walked outside quite tipsy to a smoking area and one lad was talking to his mate and said “I was actually born in France!” to which I chipped in “no-one cares”

Top chipping in, reasonable response.



Taxi driver who got angry cause I pointed out that the bike box is for bikes and taxis are not bikes. Might have been balonz

can’t remember specifically but it was almost certainly on my bike

probably outside a pub a few years ago when I was being really condescending to a Millwall fan.

fair enough.

Better keep a lid on that tonight mate or the art student ultras will be out in force

it was actually outside the marquis :joy:

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Drunk guy harassing bar staff for a drink last week. I said, I think you’ve had enough mate and he said “fuck off” without looking back. He then turned around and saw I was a foot taller and wider and started apologising and telling me he had kids and a dog(?) for some reason.

At least once a week from the wife.

on my lunchtime walk, I was crossing this entrance, from right to left, and was almost to where to people in the picture are. an employee of the company on the right, approached in a green VW from the left and at a reasonable tilt tried to squeeze in between the curb and my location, I stood still for a second, starred at him and continued to walk in front of his thankfully now stationary car. I advised him to refer to section 170 of the Highway Code, before referring to him in no uncertain terms, as a dickhead. Not sure if he heard owt I had to say.

haha, haven’t seen that in ages. When he mentions he has a heart problem it always reminds me of curb