Last time you ate a werthers original? (no chat)


Was thinking about werthers on my drive home last night for the first time in years.

Do you know where werthers original originated from? (no chat)

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  • No

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Last year. At the risk of being accused of chat, I feel obliged to add that it was well past it’s best and rather soft.

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Earlier this yr

Answer the question.

Would be good if this poll could be updated based on answers in this thread please

a month ago
my gf loves them. recently got a single cappucino werther from a restaurant (for free afterwards it wasn’t on their menu haha imagine) and really wanted to try it but i held onto it and gave it to her the next day instead. very nice of me


Not since my Gramps died, it’d make me too sad




The weekend. Had a car journey.

Two weeks ago

They’re German! How crazy is that! (chat allowed now)

Last week

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I’d just assumed Yorkshire

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Yesterday, about 6.30pm.


About 7 years