Last time you blanked somebody


Saw a former colleague in the street the other day. He was with his wife and child, and I couldn’t remember either of their names so I pretended I hadn’t seen them in case it came up.

I’m about 80% sure I got away with it.



How rude.


I’m not sure you ever totally get away unnoticed when blanking people


Ade Adepitan just wheeled past my office while I was having a smoke, and I didn’t even make eye contact.


Last night, but then pretended I’d just clocked it was them and everything was fine


Tbh this thread was prompted by the guy I blanked sending me a message on LinkedIn today out of the blue. Can’t think why else he’d have remembered I exist.

There was also a time when I was about 98% sure I saw my ex’s dad in an airport, so hid until my gate was called, and he called me at work to harass me on the following Monday, having not spoken to me in about two years.

So you’re probably right.


2 anecdotes is enough to prove anything

I once used an excuse that the sun was in my eyes when quizzed on why i’d blanked someone


My main blanking zone is in the supermarket of a lunchtime. Great blanking in there as you’ll often have to put several blanks into the same person as you keep aisling (this is now officially a verb) with them.


What time of night was it?


You all really should’ve left this as a zero-replies thread…


You all really should’ve left this as a zero-replies thread…


One of the many reasons to constantly wear headphones when outside.


Is the other one so you can obliviously get in my way all the time, you slow-walking, inattentive PRICK?


“Sorry, I didn’t realise that was you, I couldn’t hear you”


No offence, but I don’t particularly want to engage with any DiSers regarding headphones. It didn’t end well last time.


Fair enough.

I’ll give you 40p for yours, and that’s my final offer.




Once blanked my mate Geoff when I thought he’d damaged my guitar. Someone else convinced me to do it when we saw him in the high street. I felt AWFUL as soon as I’d done it. It’s a powerful thing. Not to be messed with.


Poor @GEOFF :cry: