Last time you claimed your loyalty card


Just claimed my free Pilpel falafel. You have to buy 9 to get a freebie and they ring a very loud bell lots when you cash it in.


Honestly can’t remember, I keep losing the fucking things.

Might be on for a free haircut in about five months, though. Which is nice.


when i was commuting to bucks, i kept getting up too late for breakfast and ate a silly amount of stuff form bagel factory. think i cashed in two loyalty cards.


I’ve stopped collecting them, the nandos one had too much influence on me






I used to have one for eyebrow threading which was quite unusual.


My hairdresser offers this service too. Maybe that’s what I’ll use my freebie on.


to make a bagel form stuff you must first invent the universe


chill out plato


Free coffee from Small Batch in Brighton

Fun fact - I usually get stamps buying coffee beans rather than an actual coffee - and some (but not all) the staff will give 2x stamps for a bag of beans

I also collect loyalty stamps at the nice ice cream place - but I’ve not been for ages as it’s been winter

I got close to a full card at a Burrito place and they went out of business, gutting


Cashed in some Co-op points last night for unexpected free beers. Was about to pay, but I had enough points and I got them ‘free’ instead.

Still felt like I’d been comped a suite at the Ritz. :stars:


got a nero free coffee. realised i had a card full of stamps from december and only just cashed it in


Mate don’t. I’m still raging about my father in law cashing in our Tapa (organic bread) loyalty card a couple of weeks ago on a SMALL LOAF cos they didn’t have any large ones in. Bought 9 loaves for £3.50-£4 each to get that and the fucker ate most of it himself.


I like that Gail’s do a loyalty card for if you buy a coffee OR a loaf of bread. Surely you’d always cash that in for a loaf of bread rather than a coffee cause that’ll last longer?


Did a good accidental scam at Nero recently. I go in quite a lot on the way to work and one of the staff knows my order. Always losing the loyalty card and she normally will just whack 5 or 6 stamps on a card and give it to me. Found a few of these knocking about in our last deep clean at home and cashed them in at a different branch :expressionless:


I’d also be furious about that.

When cashing in the Gail’s bread one, I go for the most expensive one I can get away with.


Of course you do! You would be asking deep questions about yourself if you didn’t


mentioned this before I think, but a coffee shop near me has dice instead of a loyalty card thing. if you roll two sixes then you get a free coffee. much more fun and you don’t have to remember a card.


I would like this very much, yes.