Last time you climbed a tree


I’m scheduled to climb a couple this weekend (cutting down branches at my parent’s house), and very much looking forward to it.


It’s been a long time since I climbed a tree, Dingo. A long time.

Have fun though!


climbed a tree when i was walking the dog at culzean castle, tail end of last summer


Nice, haven’t been to Culzean since I was at primary school.


it was the first time i had been down in years, forgot how damn pretty it is down there.


Another thread made for me.


What you been up to, dans?


I have never climbed a tree.


If you’re able to, you should give it a go (ideally filming it and posting the video here).


It sounds dangerous. FO, M.


I climbed one last week in Richmond park, it was great.


Are you a tree surgeon? If so do you fancy coming round for tea and biscuits? Maybe you could bring your tools with you too… And maybe a ladder.


I attempted to quite a few years ago. Found this really cool looking tree with lots of branches ripe for climbing and hanging out in. Approached it and saw some ginger kid shitting out of it. Put me right off and I never did it again.