Last time you fried an egg?



couple weeks ago, for me. 3 x egg on 2 x toast. magnificent jazz lunch

side q - what is the most exotic egg you’ve nailed? probably a quail egg, Clive


last sunday. avocado and toast were also involved.

goose egg!


Monday lunchtime, for use in a fish finger sandwich


every Sunday in the pre-football hangover. 1 fried egg, 1 slice of toast loads of salt, pepper, butter and chilli sauce. Sportsman’s breakfast


Side Q - Scotched a duck egg something fierce


I really can’t remember. It might be possible that I’ve never fried an egg, it doesn’t sound right but it might be possible.


Last Saturday I had a sausage and egg sarnie for breakfast.


Wednesday night


years and years ago. maybe 8.


You forgot to tag this thread b…


Thanks for asking. seems it was a week ago wednesday. you must understand, it wasn’t for me, it was for my wife…

actually, you know what? she might have fried that one, in which case we’re talking the sunday before last. again, it was for for her. not much of an egg man myself. they’re fine, but I can’t be bothered.


Not for years. Scrambled, poached or baked usually.

Side question: quail or duck.


This morning.


This is a very good question, bird. I think it might be about 3 years ago. I don’t know why you’d fry an egg when you can do them scrambled


yolk you madman


Counterbalanced by the bland egg white


with a fried egg (or poached) you can combine the yolk and white when they’re on the fork, a bit like a muller corner yoghurt


one of Gert’s wonderful hungover breakfasts, someday to be franchised worldwide

fried egg (s)
spring onion
grated cheddar
shitload of mustard
hot sauce

oh baby
probs had one a few weeks ago


ps duck eggs are king


This morning, made a lovely fluffy omelette by putting a little bit of oil in the pan, whisk 2 eggs with soy milk and salt and cook in one giant lovely circle

I want to give up eggs and eat an actual 100% animal free diet (don’t even eat honey anymore) but it’s so hard i love eggs so much