Last time you got lost

This morning, for me. Looked at Google Maps got where I was going, alright, up that street and turn right at the traffic lights with a filter lane, got it.

Turns out that street has three consecutive sets of traffic lights with a filter lane, and none of those right turns connect to each other. Did a lot of questionable u-turns this morning, then was a mere 20 minutes late after a 12 minute drive.

How about you?

When I looked into your eyes


Should’ve been watching the fackin’ road then, shouldn’t you!!

I get lost all the time mate, I live in London without a smartphone.
My solution is just keep walking until you get somewhere interesting or you see something you know and can just get your bearings a bit better.

walking round Manchester last month. google maps on my phone was being a dick so i had to rely on the maps on the street but still kept taking wrong turns even after studying them. also hardly any of them seemed to have ‘You Are Here’ symbol on them which renders them pretty much useless.

Don’t know if it counts but I pretty regularly get on wrong trains on autopilot

Paris metro. Was great craic

That time I took 8 night buses to get home when I could have just got 1.

Barcelona during Primavera this year. Was very drunk and when I saw that the metro workers were on strike I decided to walk back to the hostel. For four miles. In the wrong direction.

Luckily I had a bag of cans to entertain me and I managed to get my bearing about two miles in. Pretty scary stuff though, ended up going through abandoned industrial estates to get back, all at night.

When I met the DiS bike wankers and cycled back from pniks. Ended up somewhere in Peckham.

I like to wander about without a map in most cities I visit, but you’ll usually end up seeing maps or buildings or signs to orientate yourself so there’s little to no chance of being lost.

I think the last time it really happened was on an overnight orienteering event on open heathland (so very few landmarks or footpaths) where the organiser had hand-drawn the maps but put the wrong scale on them. Everyone ended up miles away from where they should have been, crashing through farmyards and clamouring over non-existent stiles.

Clamouring = clambering