Last time you knowingly spoke to a Jones

I reckon about 10 weeks for me



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Last summer. A wedding

Firstname, surname, either or both?

Does it count if it was someone on here?

Yeah first name. What do you think you birthday berk!

I didn’t know that Jones could be used as a first name, so my answer is never


No, it doesn’t count if they are from here, live in a house that starts with the number 7 or have thrown up in a classroom.

When I was in the UK, bumped into my old form tutor Mrs Jones. Nice lady.

That’s a surname

I don’t care

I don’t know what has happened to DiS lately

I read this as Jonas, not Jones, which I think would have made a better thread, so I’m going to sit this one out

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That would have been a better thread because the first name Jonas exists in the realworld unlike

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well in that case, consider the idea of a thread called ‘last time you knowingly spoke to a Jonas’ my birthday gift to you

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Thank you.

I have only met one Jonas, and it took quite a lot of effort not to mention Weezer once since I know how tiring it can be for people who have a name that is synonymous with a popular thing to have that constantly referenced.

I too have only met one Jonas. He was argentinian and stayed with us for a week or two, drank a lot of mate, got so high he set the fire alarm off at 3am and just sat there completely oblivious while the room filled with smoke, cheated on his girlfriend with a friend of mine, those are the main things he did

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