last time you laughed inappropriately

either at an inappropriate time, or at something you wish you didn’t find amusing but you did laugh

just found out that someone has a fantasy football team in our league called Gash in the Attic :grimacing: and wish I hadn’t laughed but I did, I’m sorry

now you go

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I laughed out loud at Gash in the Attic


Monday, when being copied into an email chain about a cyclist called Wang Bin.


update: I laughed at something involving cycling :frowning: sorry

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At the name Lovely Warren yesterday.

Very weird that Rochester NY has become international news

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A funeral.

Alright singer from the Bare Naked Ladies


I found this hilarious only to read comments pointing out the obvious consent issues. So now I feel bad. But just IMAGINE the real Jason Mantzoukas’ face on being told this omg

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Don’t worry it’s unlikely to be true anyway (yet I still keep reading them )

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Yesterday. The tv was saying how one of her mum’s semi-friends was at the doctors with some sort of head injury and I burst out laughing. But I wasn’t laughing at that, I was laughing at the memory of her mum getting too drunk on holiday in a restaurant and falling over into a plate of mashed potato on a young couple’s table


probably be a bit mean to ask if you friend’s mum is bodger or badger