Last time you saw a famous person out and about

Saw Micheál Martin filming something on grand canal dock, dublin, in august 2020.

Before that I saw Lee Dixon near blackfriars bridge in london in November 2019.

No chat!

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Tyrone Mings, Birmingham Lego Store, summer 2021

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Liverpool the weekend before last was a goldmine of low level Scouse-royalty spotting. Saw Andy Burnham post-Toffees in a pub, Tom Davies and Leighton Baines at a Bill-Ryder Jones gig, and then Bill-Ryder Jones in a pub a couple of hours post-gig.


Lena Dunham outside a hotel late last year

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Juan Mata in and around the Southbank Centre - 07/02/2012

Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford in Sainsburys, about 2 months ago.

Had a drink with James Nesbit last week. He bought me a pint of harp and then necked it. He was lovely


Werner Herzog, Sarn Services Burger King, winter 2018


Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow, putting his shopping into the boot of his car in Tesco car park, Hungerford.

Also the guy from the Young Offenders was thrre

that comedian off the Last Leg outside Bunny Jackson’s in Manchester

saw one of the inbetweeners yesterday, you have 4 guesses which

saw someone today who is either a newsreader or weatherperson but couldn’t quite place them

Hope this is true.

Now have Werner Herzeg voice narrating a visit to a service station.

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Don Warrington, HOME ground floor bar, 2nd April 2022 circa 9pm

(John Robb, same place, same date, circa 5pm)

Mine was Keaton Jennings. A name that won’t mean anything to 99% of people on here admittedly. He was just mooching around Chorlton doing a bit of shopping. Probably about six months ago.


Kelly Brook buying a wetsuit at my old work summer 2020.

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Yannis “Yannis from Foals” Philippakis leaving a flat at the end of my street about 6 months ago. Might be his, IDK

Every time I’ve been to Home, John Robb has been there.

As inevitable as death.

Tony Livesey off Radio 5. This very morning. The alley off St Anns Sq that’s the one that joins with Corbieres. Manchester (because, obviously).

Not even slightly true, I’m afraid

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