Last time you saw a famous person out and about

Once I saw boris Johnson on Christmas Day

Mike Gatting walking his dog just round the corner from my house (Enfield). Summer 2020.

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Wasn’t aware of this. What happened?

Lots of sexual assault stuff floating about twitter/blogs etc. Remember there was a fair bit of noise couple years ago when standup was having a far too brief reflective moment. Absolute scumbag.

Have a search if/when you’re feeling up to it. A lot less visible than it was. Guessing he’s brought in the lawyers.

You should have said hi to me


Also saw Stuart Lee outside Birthdays, and John Robb outside HOME, but apparently that’s just par for the course.

If so then you are truly the worst of humanity.

I remembering being in an east end caff and Nigella was right behind us with a very good looking blonde gentleman and I said ‘‘be cool but there’s Nigella Lawson’’ and my flatmate lost his shit and almost sent the table flying.

I also remember passing Simon Callow and discretely mentioning it to auld ma ruffs who shouted SIMON COWELL?? About a metre away from him. Good times.


Also met some well known people in dodgy parties basically that I’m afraid to dish here.

Walked past Marcus Brigstock in Soho, May 2021

A cherished memory

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Bill Nighy coming out of Waitrose in Caterham, 5 or 6 years ago.

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Think my last was super Hans too, but was at Lewes rd sainos


Liz Carr
Brighton Railway Station
Brighton Pride 2019

The judge man who is on ‘the great British sewing bee’ at a private view a few weeks ago

I don’t know his name - look it up!

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  • I’ve seen John Robb in Manchester
  • I’ve never been there

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Sam from Two Door Cinema Club picking up a pepperoni and vodka sauce pizza two weeks ago

My Andy Burnham one featured the guy I was sat next to outside the pub going “Hey, it’s Andy Burnham!” and going up to shake his hand and say “Hi Andy” Then my friend who unbeknownst to me was already inside texted me to say Andy Burnham had just walked in.

Maybe we just need a system where you’re given similar levels of clues whenever someone famous walks past.

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Walked past Kevin Bridges about two years ago. He smiled the whole time. Bit of a swagger on him.

It was on West Nile Street in Glasgow. Just outside Las Iguanas.

I met Andy Burnham at a nursing awards dinner thing a few years back. He shook hands with a few people in our group after we got an award, so I thought I’d go in for a handshake too. He looked a bit surprised, but after a pause longer than it should have been, and just long enough to wonder whether I should pull out, he eventually reciprocated.

He’s a professional handshaker, at an event where he spent the night mostly handshaking…I’m still not quite sure how I managed to make it weird :laughing: