Last time you went past a shop and thought 'how are they still open?'

inspired by reading the updated ‘whose gone bust?’ list earlier

predict who is going into administration in the year of our lord 2017

Amazed that Maplin is still going. Surely people only go in there when they need an emergency replacement for a cable and they are happy to pay 50% more than internet price and are happy to be hassled by a sales assistant in the process.


The Works. If only because it has been advertising its closing down for about 15 years

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Im surprised Argos is still so big tbf. Its more expensive than most places and doesnt sell anything unique

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mobile phone fascia stalls in shopping centres

never even seen them have anyone stop and browse, let alone buy something. why not just sell on ebay?


quite like argos


Snappy Snaps. Passport photos are the only thing they do that people need any more, and they only need one every 10 years.

seems to be a lot of jewellery shops in the world, often about 5 on the same street
guess they have pretty high profit margins

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lots of people who didn’t grow up with computers that have digital cameras and no understanding of how to print. know of OAPs that hand over a memory cards from their digi cameras to have stuff printed.

also those kid photoshoots are always popular

there are still people in the world that don’t shop online. also perhaps people who would rather talk to a sales assistant than doing research.

staples is somewhere that baffles me. only ever see them on industrial estates, smiths and rymans are cheaper and more accessible, and surely anyone bulk-ordering for an office isn’t going to pay £4 per ringbinder or not order through a wholesalers catalogue instead?

Staples are closing in the UK. Shame because their customer service has always been excellent.

Walked by three large wig shops, all on the same street, all the same chain in Finsbury Park at the weekend. Don’t think they had a single customer in any of them

Argos are amazing, they bridged the high street with the internet before the Internet was a thing, visionaries


Ah, Pak’s Wig Emporium. Palace of dreams*.

*Mostly wigs.


it’s in the link in the op

paks is one of the countries biggest specialist cosmetics retailers, no? they stock a lot of products that you can’t get on boots and superdrug’s ‘ethnic aisles’ (though superdrug have actually started stocking some decent brands of late). also fairly sure it’s them who do the wholesale to independent shops in towns all around the country.

Ah, had no idea tbh. Just looked like a couple of empty wig shops.

Haven’t seen this classic referred to yet.


I think there’s one of those in Bournemouth

My Dad was using a proper camera until Xmas. He knew of only one shop who would process the film.

So I bought him a digital camera as his present. He’s going to go and get the assistant to help him in somewhere like snappy snaps.