Last time you went past a shop and thought 'how are they still open?'

…oh shit!

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seriously though FUCK games workshop.


where will Theo purchase his rucksacks if they close?


I sometimes wonder if people think it about my shop… tbh I do so I wouldn’t blame them

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Obligatory mention of WH Smith’s.

Also Currys.

Smith’s and Maplin are pretty similar. Both have lost their core market to the internet, have diversified messily and are always trying to flog crap at point-of-sale.

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These two were what I was going to say as well.

If the government’s changes to pharmacies and prescriptions go through, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boots go under.

i reckon smiths is still a place where people take their kids to pick out stationery
also books if its a shopping centre without a waterstones

smiths stocks more magazines than anywhere else, too.

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The high street W H Smiths are always pretty busy when you go in one, though. And the ones at airports and railway stations must make quite a bit as they’ve pretty much got a monopoly on selling papers, magazines and books (the latter to a lesser extent perhaps) in those places since John Menzies stopped doing retail.

What changes are planned?

Turns out that they’ve actually been imposed already. Despite their size, Boots are still a Community Pharmacist:

As I understand it, the government in England are cutting funding to community pharmacies to deal with the phenomenon bugduv mentioned the other day whereby there are a dozen within a mile or so.

Doubt Boots would be affected by that though, as they tend to be on the high streets rather than inner cities or suburbs, plus they sell loads of non-prescription health and beauty stuff, surprisingly popular sarnies, etc.

I’d be very sad if Boots went under, they’re a reassuring brand for me.

Had no idea that the government were funding community pharmacies tbh.

Yep, it’s because they contract with the NHS for the prescription side of things.

Boots nearly went under about a decade ago after supermarkets started doing full pharmacies and toiletries. Since then they’ve been taken over by Walgreens and have made hundreds of staff redundant over the past couple of years.


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Lush, The Body Shop, etc

Ha no I’m kidding on, we do alright, its just Xmas is the only time I’d describe us “busy”

The thing Maplin always had were the RS spares. Our Physics dept at uni was always going there to grab components for lab in a hurry. Even with the Internet, the electronics they sell tend to be items that you need right now so, especially with Woolworths gone, they do have a niche.