Last time you went past a shop and thought 'how are they still open?'

Those pointless shops on Oxford Street that sell shit London tourist gifts, doctor Martins , something to do with mobile phones and sometimes bongs.

Know idea how they pay the rent.

All the Lush’s (lushes?) I pass are always rammed with people buying things, including me, I regularly buy from them and I think they have a very loyal customer base plus they’re expensive so they’re making a good old profit.

only ever go in there in the week before Christmas, can confirm that it’s pretty busy at that time

jesus, the old boards look like absolute carnage

They’re always rammed though. Eventually London will just be Prets, Subways, M&M Worlds and tourist shops.

I think a lot of those tourist tat shops are in units in buildings that are planned for demolition. they have zero requirements for fittings inside really so I presume you’re looking at very low rental with a monthly renewal so they can be turfed out as soon as an opportunity for development comes along. @Oli

Yeah. Oxford street is quite shabby in that way.

Argos in Reading town centre closed a week or two back. just found out they’re having a When it’s Gone it’s Gone clearance. I’m hoping they keep this page open until literally the very last item has gone, if it ever does.|category_root|Limited+stock+clearance|33372952/fs/0/p/1/pp/150/r_001/1|Store|Reading+Oxford+Road|1/s/Relevance.htm

Smiths is terrible but I bet we’ve all bought something from one (station, airport, desperation) at some point in the last 12 months.

how long before they die out completely? 10 years?

Feels a bit weird to me that Burger King thrives in a McDonalds world

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I’ve said it before on here: frozen yoghurt places.

Mr Pretzel. How are there that many people that want pretzels more than any of the other food available


@nemrac @foppyish

I think basically any of those weird stalls you get littering the middle of shopping centre walkways

Argos is handy as the stock they have onsite is pretty amazing. If you’re in a bind, they’re excellent. For example - we needed some baby related stuff ASAP and I managed to do a click and collect at Argos and get it all within an hour.

Prices aren’t great though. Definitely a proto-Amazon.

But the one in Leeds is an actual shop in a shopping centre, with walls and seats and everything! There’s a Crepe Affaire next door too even though upstairs there’s a nice food court with a Pho and stuff

Oxford Street has always been pretty crap. Remember those guys who used to do those weird auction scam things? They made a brief comeback recently.

Profits from seemingly being the usual fast food joint in pretty much every airport?

I’ve often been baffled at the number of wig shops down there too. Madness!

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They used to do really good combo pens. I had a nice aluminium one that was black pen/red pen/pencil that looked quite nice. But they’ve downsized their weird stationery, so they don’t do it anymore.

True story

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