Last time you went past a shop and thought 'how are they still open?'

You’re probably right there Theo, once again you’ve proven yourself to be a smart and thoughtful presence here on

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Thank you very much, Ant. Coming from you this is better than any badge this site could give me.

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Not a shop but hopefully you’ll accept it: rickshaws and to a lesser extent people posing as statues etc in tourist areas, why on earth do pay money to get those rickshaws and how on earth are they still entertained by those human statues?

I still use WH Smiths quite a lot. I still much prefer flicking through magazines, papers etc. though I am in a ever dwindling minority of course.

You’ve actually reminded me I need to go to Maplin today.

yes - and people who sit on a silly platform thing like this

Like how is anyone impressed? A guy does it in brighton and doesn’t even try and be subtle about getting in and out of the contraption

Dozens of them line up in Trafalgar Square. Usually dressed as Yoda or something.

They’re fucking shit and so is anyone that’s impressed by them.

yeah the brighton guy is a shit yoda

Ah the much coveted “taking the piss and never spending any money” customer demographic, on which all retailers base their success.

Eh? Sorry, I didn’t explain myself. I buy a lot of magazines and newspapers still. The cunts who stand there reading them annoy me/get in the way.

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that’s better


It’s also one of the few places that sells actual PC components/peripherals. The staff are a bit over eager but I usually go at least a couple of times a month.