Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread

Once flew over Morocco in a plane too, so might need one from there as well

(This isn’t actually true but they are both fans AND Peter Crouch actually did play a few games for Dulwich in 2000)

Ian Wright started at Greenwich Borough?

Woolwich, see above

Woolwich who?


We definately signed him from Greenwich for a total fee of a “set of football training kits”.

Think i just fell in on the Arsenal joke.

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Enjoying Notts County v Coventry at the moment. Officiating is utterly inept and always against County. There may well be a pitch invasion and lynching at the end of this.


Believe it or not Wright supports Millwall.

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I think he supports any south London team tbh

arteta’s signed for arsenal then

  • good idea
  • bad idea
  • don’t know

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he might be the next Pep but it seems a relatively long shot. hence… dunno

Idk. Pep actually had some experience managing a team before he got the big job.

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yeah that’s why it seems such a long shot

I really can’t see it happening, but obviously no one knows hmm

As practically a neutral, it’s the kind of appointment you can’t begrudge. If he does well, fair play to them, nice romantic appointment, if it’s a proper Moyes up, great bants

(Dr Cugat’s wife thumbs through a Lake Como property guide).