Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Yes, you’re right

Same phenomenon when United presented that vase to a bemused Wenger – they didn’t see him as a threat etc


Not seen Drogba for ages…


Wanted to get to the game at Chesterfield’s ground. Didn’t.

Wasn’t the World Cup last year? Do they do them every two years?


Showing my age.

1988 Mercantile Credit Football Festival.
1990 FA Cup Final - Drew 3-3 with Manchester United
1990 FA Cup Final Replay - Lost 1-0 Tto Manchester Untied
1991 ZDS Cup Final Beat Everton 4-1
1996 Play Off Final Lost to Leicester
1997 Play off Final beat Sheffield United.
2014 Play Off Final beat Watford
2016 FA Cup Semi Final beat Watford
2016 FA Cup Final lost to Manchester United.

Also went to Cardiff in 2004 for the Play Off Final where we beat West Ham.
Plus a few England friendlies.


I was thinking this tbh, seems to come round every summer doesn’t it? But I’m basing most of this on @Antpocalypsenow’s Soccer Boss Simulator 2013.


That hit me harder than losing the FA Cup Final. Such a slog getting to the final and then losing. Ruined my summer.



Barnsley v Cardiff FA Cup Semi Final 2008
Spurs v Newport County FA Cup replay 2018


I won’t get to enjoy the World Cup as a supporter of my nation so the FA Cup Final is all I have going for me.*

*(Bar Cork City trying to defend their league title.)


This is the Euros.

Fodiesta and Brewster won the U17 World Cup.


If it was guarenteed that Liverpool lose if we lose I’d take the loss.


My mates got robbed by the police in Kiev. It’s a shite place

And another one got his nose broken by the butt of an army rifle on the train too


Been to both Wembley’s too often to remember much.

I do know that during the early 80’s I went to see England every time they played and it co-incided with the longest stretch of time they played there without winning.

Saw Chelsea lose 4-1 to Man Utd in the pissing rain, having stood up two American nurses because it was our first Cup Final in my life time as a supporter.

But also, the Di Matteo Middlesboro game, Drogba beating Man U in injury time, Chelsea losing to Spurs in the League Cup, various finals and semis against Arsenal, which we always won, some deathly victories against Villa and Newcastle.

I’ve been to the Women’s FA Cup Final the last four years, and it is invariably a better day out than 90% of the above.




Saw Northampton Town beat Swansea in 1997 in the Division 3 final. John Frain free kick in injury time to win it:

Remember thinking at the time that Swansea was some tiny club with no fans (they took around 5,000 fans compared to 25,000 Northampton fans), but it was actually just the timing coincided with the latter stages of their wilderness years.
I think Elis James mentioned it on quickly Kevin they went Div 4—> 3 —> 2 ----1 —> 2 —> 3 ---->4 in 8 seasons which is remarkable.

Interestingly Northampton made the Div 2 playoff final the following year and lost to Grimsby in the final.



Big Sam sacked.



£6million pay off for 6 months work. Not bad.


Seems a bit of an error of judgement to me. Bit surprised as Gündoğan comes across as a very smart bloke. I guess there’s no onus on anybody to be politically-minded, and i imagine there are managers and agents pushing players into these sort of things.


Took them from bottom 3 to 8th and gets booted :joy::joy: