Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Enough about the DiS mods though


total sympathy for not wanting to be managed by Allardyce but that job’s a bit of a poisoned chalice innit
consistently overrated squads & fans that maybe expect too much, even if they brought Pep in then they’d only finish 1 place higher next season


No real room for improvement without spending hundreds of millions


Zabba makes Rooney look like Alec Guinness…


Come in, spunk your budget on loads of slow #10s, don’t play any of em together, still finish 8th. Easy job


Speak for yerself m9


Weird that I found a drawing of gunnersaurus kind’ve touching


I was at this :smile:

back when young Sev hadn’t realise how awful supporting England was but also not aware it would take this long for Scotland to be even remotely good again


Obviously there’s issues and both of those experiences sound shitty. Never had any issues when I lived there myself.

It’s a wonderful city


fuck had forgotten about this :smiley:


Aside from the above 2, I have also seen:

England 0 - Germany 1 (was in german colours natürlich)
Sheffield United 4 - Hull 5 (which was one of the best matches I’ve ever witnessed)
Detroit Lions 22 - Atlanta Falcons 21

And in Cardiff:

Norwich 1 - Birmingham 1 (4-3 Birmingham on pens)


Who’s joining Fulham tonight then?

  • Villa
  • Boro

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I’ll be cheering for @casinobay’s Steelmen.*

I won’t, I’m in Prague, but I hope they do a good game.



Disclaimer: I know naff all about Boro, but they’ve got Adama Traoré who I assume will dribble round everyone then smash it into the roof of the stand


then on the other wing, they have the locomotive Stewart Downing


Literally the story of Sam’s career


Tbf to sam, koeman was in charge when they wasted all of their money


No nerves beforehand? After a 48 game slog? I was bricking it.