Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Battered a Neil Warnock managed Sheffield United with Paddy Kenny in goal 3-0 in Cardiff all those years ago. Oh, and Michael Brown missed a pen. Happy days.

Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock was sent to the stands at half time after arguing with referee Steve Bennett


After defeating your biggest rivals over two semi-finals and on the general form we were on at the end of that season, and having been up and down from the prem twice already in recent memory, we were pretty confident, even though iirc Middlesborough were favourites because they finished 3rd and beat us away towards the end of that season.

Of course there were some nerves but given we scored in the 12th and 15th minute and then closed them out the rest of the game, i was mostly just buzzing/crying (i don’t really remember anything about the game other than the goals, was too busy soaking the moment in)


Bloody hell


Fuck :frowning:



Ehiogu, Atkinson and Samuel within about 18 months.


Yeah, seems trite to say but that is a really awful coincidence isn’t it


At the 2012 play off finals it was pretty evenly matched, and West Ham didn’t score the winner until the 87th minute. I spent most of the second half debating what I’d do if it went to penalties.


That was my ‘first’ FA Cup Final - the Bobby Moore final. 2-nil West Ham (iirc)


I also have a sneaky suspicion that Villa will win the final (sorry @Aggpass)
They are a better side than us and have more firepower so I reckon they will edge an entertaining encounter. Also, Steve Bruce knows how it’s done.


3 Championship play-off finals:
1994: Lost 2-1 v Leicester
2007: Won 1-0 v West Brom
2014: Lost 1-0 v QPR


I remember it well, and appreciate how stressful it would have been!


Hard to call. If we play like we did in the 2nd half yesterday no one in the championship can live with us, if we play like we did in the first half on Friday we’ll be beaten comfortably


Don’t get me wrong, you played the most attractive football in the division this season and only missed out on automatic because of a so-so start. You remind me very much of the Derby team from 2013/14 that lost in the final - the style of play and the tactics. I just think that Villa have the nous and quality to do a job on you


also had an old loanee, Vaclav Drobny die a few years ago. dont think he played in the league but he was on a PES game oddly.

sad times :frowning:


Just dropped off his kids at school :cry:


As an ardent supporter of my chosen clubs, I would personally prefer that no team in any sport ever won any trophy again, tbqph.



I want us to win all of them and no one else to win them if we don’t.


If Madrid win a trophy thats the same as no one winning.


all of this chat about winning trophies and hoping other clubs don’t win trophies made me reflect on this slightly nightmarish Kafka-esque quote from the Brighton chairman:

“It’s very easy to get ahead of yourself. Let’s be honest about it, I think anyone outside the top six should be saying that each season the No.1 goal is finishing in the top 17. And that will be with us, I believe, forever."