Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Most United fans think Ronaldo winning a trophy’s basically them winning one.


Yeah Madrid and Chelsea winning stuff is so forgettable and ignorable it kinda stops being annoying


Hard to argue, tbf. I remember how loads of Liverpool fans celebrated when Mascherano beat Utd in the final and ‘dedicated’ it to LFC afterwards :joy: dont even think we were in it at all that year.


Think I hear that about 100 times a season, completely unsolicited.

Looks like we’ve ruffled a few feathers!

Chelsea football club!!!


How have I never seen this banner before???



But if he scores the winner next week. Yeah


Chris Houghton awoke one morning to discover that, during the night, he had transformed into a Tony Pulis.


Honest question:

Why’s it such a shock that Fabian Delph, first choice for the best team in the history of English football, is one of England’s 23 best players?


It’s Fabian Delph?


Thought the same, not really headline worthy


His name always sounds like its been cut short


Same goes for Young really. People moan the England squad doesn’t get picked on form, yet still whinge when it does. Makes no sense.


in other great slightly City-related International news:


Well, half and half. If Livermore/Lallana and… others get picked, then it’s hardly a catch all policy


Young is a bit more surprising I think. Thought Bertrand would get in ahead of him, though Young is more versatile


…and more worthy of place on form. He’s been one of United’s most consistant performers, Bertrand, along with virtually everyone else at Southampton, has come off a stinker of a year.

If you pick on form then the full-backs should be Walker, Alexander-Arnold, Delph and Young.


Has the lineup been leaked or summat?


Is Sessegnon gnon the plane?


Wonder if any Villa fans have made a mock up of Delph and Young and the poster for Snakes on a Plane


Just checked, they haven’t