Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Cheers though


Trying to work out whether it’ll be worse to see us lose to Terry or Pulis


Terry would definitely be worse. Come on Boro!




Come on m8


Obviously villa are a better team and I’d rather see them in the prem than boro. But don’t know if I could take watching Terry beat us at Wembley


Im gonna dress up like him for the final


Don’t forget your shinpads


John Terry’s a racist.


The idea of John Terry getting decimated in the PL is nice


I imagine he’d retire if Villa go up.


Boro are shit aren’t they


This is a good piece.

My gut feeling is he’ll be quite a big loss for City.



May as well hand the trophy to United now if he goes tbh


Christ :joy:


Couldn’t be bothered with the tedium of Boro in the Premier League again (+Pulis)

Hope someone more exciting signs Adama Traore though


Villa probably




Tricky cause Lallana was in the form of his life pre injury, and if he picks up where he left off he’d be a massive plus to the squad. It’s more of a gamble, but it’s still picking on most recent form.