Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Hes not that good yet


He is still a very good player, wont get decimated


How many ex villa players have Boro got? Seems like loads


Totally agree - it’s a difficult spot to be in for Gareth. Lallana typically plays very well for England too, wouldn’t be a wasted spot imo but sure opens him to criticism


Dean’s bottled that one


Deliberate handball outside the box with the ball going in the net not a red card? Nice 1 Mike


If he picked a squad completely on form, it’d probably be something like…

Pickford, Pope, Butland
Walker, Alexander-Arnold
Lascelles, Mee, Tarkowski, Dunk
Delph, Young
Stephens, Shelvey, Milner, Henderson
Sessegnon, Sancho, Lingard, Sterling
Sinclair, Murray, Kane, Vardy


Villa will do Fulham (sadly).


Could be a lot worse. Would gladly trade Villa for most of the bottom half tbh


Yeah. There are only a few teams i enjoy watching in the Premier League - City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Leicester, Bournemouth, and Roy’s Palace.


Interestingly not many glaring omissions: Dele, Dier and Stones; that it? Rashford? (Mee is injured btw)


I don’t think this has been posted here yet (apologies if it has)


I know none of you care but yessssssssssssssssssssss


Tomkins IN

Based on stats


I saw stats that suggest Ederson’s the third worst goalie in the league…


As I’ve said before Tomkins has been outstanding.


Has anyone ever been promoted through the playoffs with all three games ending in draws?


Huddersfield did that last season, 0-0 and 1-1 v Sheff Wed in the semi, 0-0 won on pens v Reading in the final.


Ha. Superb. Don’t know why I woke up wondering about it, but glad it has happened. Thanks BTE!


Yep, they also went up with a negative goal difference.