Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


i love stats like that too. i know that Brentford got in the playoffs one year with a goal difference of -3, but as it’s Brentford we obviously lost - 8 playoffs so far, still no wins :clap:


£80m for Milinkovic-Savic

Two international caps



Jose’s quest to win the league by his team being taller than everyone else’s continues


The situation at Sporting is absolutely mad


Jose’s Giants


Hey guy, do you think your club(s) is boring? Most active recent thread on a Wigan forum is about us RELAYING THE PITCH.


just checked ours and one of the top threads is a 12 page effort about someone who didn’t get an invite to the end of season dinner


good post


F.C. United forum top thread is about the ex groundsman wishing disability on Alex Ferguson then about a break in at the ground then a thread about Salford’s manager


Allardyce sacked then.

Bit conflicted on this. It’s difficult to hope for the future - or at least delude yourself into thinking things can get a lot better - if he’s the manager. Not helped that a lot of the younger lads started getting fewer minutes too once he came in.

But he’s been treated pretty appallingly by a fair few of the fans, and it’s crap to see that kind of behaviour rewarded. The job he did wasn’t really that bad. The things he said weren’t really that bad. People just didn’t want him though.

Glad that what was really a very toxic situation is done with, but it’s - and the past 12 months generally - hasn’t half dented my love/enthusiasm for football.


There should be a fair few clubs thinking about pulling the trigger and getting Big Sam in now, bad fit for Everton as for some reason they thought they were above him but he is so blatantly the best of the old-school managerial merry-go-round candidates.


Utd it is


I mean, if we take him for his word, Big Sam retired and said he wouldn’t take another club job. Then he came out of retirement to take the Everton job because it was the biggest club job he’d ever had (or could realistically ever be offered).

Unless he gets bored, is he really going to bother with another relegation scrap, or thoroughly bottom half team?


I guess so, not many options left he hasn’t already been dismissed from tbh. If I was the Cardiff owner I would be getting rid of Warnock and getting him in immediately.


Everton fans got him sacked tbh. Finished about as high as they could realistically do but not playing the style of football they think they are entitled to. Bit like Utd fans then


Yeah was thinking Newcastle after Rafa walks until I remembered he’d already been there and done that


Warnock is a ‘BTec’ Allardyce anyway


Big Sam was at Newcastle when we had our most recent (and only one of the season) Premier League win


A West Ham fan made a Richard Keys “Careful What You Wish For” flag after Sam got sacked. Seemed very witty as we cantered into 7th. Less so now.

I liked him, personally, but he doesn’t seem to endear himself to fans anymore (I say anymore as my Bolton supporting neighbour still loves him). His comments about the ‘West Ham Way’ were true, but fans don’t want to hear that. Bit like Moyes is doing now. Just humour us a bit.


It’d just be really nice if all the top flight clubs got together and made a gentleman’s agreement not to appoint any of the direct longball dinosaurs and Allarydyce, Pulis, Hughes, Mourinho, Pardew, etc all pissed off to lower the tone and standard of some other league.