Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Very cheeky post


Especially after their winning goal on Sunday :wink::wink::grinning::grinning:


Left back is a tricky one, cause both the form players don’t play there naturally, so no matter how well they’re playing you feel they might get shown up positionally by world class opposition. But then if the only other options are Bertrand and Baines then that doesn’t give him much of a choice at all.


I want Allardyce to get a team and just sign all the old legends again, that Bolton era was great fun.

Michael Bridges coming off for Jardel or something


I still have a soft spot for him after the job he did at Blackburn


I still remember the first time Jardel played for Bolton…to say he filled the strip was an understatement!


I liked him well enough too. He’s a decent manager and did a decent job, even if it wasn’t one you’d call great.

He was on £6m odd a year though and at least half the clubs in the league wouldn’t want him as their manager either. It’s hard not to hope for more, isn’t it?


Used to be my go to Pro Evo team. Javi Martinez was the slowest player on the game


Javi Moreno!


Could swap places with wagner




Rose over Baines but yeah, for sure. However if we are playing 3/5 atb I see no problem with taking just Delph and Young tbqh


If you’ll allow me a brief Ugandan football diversion, the Kampala Capital City Authority FC beat the most successful African side in history, Al Ahly, 2-0 in the African Champions League yesterday forcing the Al Ahly coach to resign as a result. This is the equivalent of like, Linfield beating Real Madrid. Crazy stuff.


Oh yeah, I forgot Gareth started trying that out in friendlies. Could work well for us with the squad we’ve got.


Motty’s doing Songs Of Your Years all this week on Radio 2. Who’d have thought he liked American Pie?


He did a great job for us in our circumstances, which I’ll always appreciate him for.
His signings in that January transfer window were all excellent.

Milojevic (fantastic signing)
Van Aanholt (although it took him a while to become good with us)
Sakho (the loan of him practically kept us up single handed last season)
Schlupp has looked good when he’s played.

He also wanted to sign Cenk Tosun for us, before leaving and he ended up at Everton as a success.

But for him to ‘retire’ and then end up at Everton, soured it a bit. However, I’m glad we’ve moved on and he’s no longer our manager.


Reckon many Palace fans would swap Hodgson for him?




Moyes gone


MOYES OUT as well now!

Bad day for real football men.