Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Would love to see a West Ham/Everton Allardyce Moyes swaparoo


There’s definitely a joke here somewhere…


Moyes has still got a year left on his united contract in an alternate reality


Is Moyes making himself eligible for the Arsenal job


Silva to Everton
Wagner to Wham


Not now, we are playing some lovely football under Hodgson.
But if Allardyce hadn’t resigned most would have been happy for him still to be our manager.




Dear me. David Moyes has six months to see what goes on behind the scenes, and decides that he’d rather manage nobody than manage West Ham. Hurrah! Another car crash season awaits.


Runs into thread, panting, out of breath, sweat forming on brow…

MOYE… damn :confused:


Still brightens me right up every time i remember United lumped for Moyes. Could’ve had literally any manager in the world bar Guardiola and they went for Davey ruddy Moyes.


Fergie wanted someone shit to follow him. Won’t believe that’s not the case whatever evidence is presented


who wins tonight?

  • Marseille
  • Athletico
  • Don’t care

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Athletico have sold less than 10k tickets


I’d like Marseille to win but imagine it will be Athletico. Those are two… interesting sets of fans to come together to say the least


tonight’s game is free on youtube FYI lads:


I’m “working” until 9pm. So this will do me.


Didn’t realise that was on tonight. Delighted.


Hey, Jordan Amavis in the final!


Well done he’s 13


while it was going along i just thought “…ok, this is just some headers” but when the final one goes in and they all go mad and start celebrating it was genuinely really lovely