Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


Ofenbach! (never heard of him/them)


A lot of that dancing doesn’t look especially choreographed.


Splacheßenorury O’laugholin really did a number on the other guys tonight eh right!!


Good tactical smoke-release to obscure the empty seats.

EDIT: Sorry, I should have said “what’s with all the empty seats? I thought Arsenal didn’t make it to the final”


good feel to this final already


robbie savage though :slightly_frowning_face:


Great amount of premier league flops in this Marseille team innit.


He’ll be disappointed with that



Ah bollocks


yeah thats the worst thing that couldve happened really. lead allows atleti to be atleti

thought they looked a bit vulnerable before though. not sure if Gabi has the legs anymore to play in this kind’ve game - reckon Thomas should come on second half, 60mins at the latest


Game over.


Come on without his insight no one would be aware that Godin is any good.


shame really cuz it started fkn great


ridiculously poor competition really isn’t it


Atlético and Marseille… definitely no chance of crowd trouble


Now that we know Griezmann’s going to Barca for £95m or so, i reckon City might let Agüero go back to Atleti this summer, for, hmmm, £50m-ish.

He’s obviously worth twice that, but there’s meant to be a gentleman’s agreement in place to rip up his contract next summer so he can go back to Independiente, so…


Would need a replacement lined up. What’s Benjani up to?


Still have absolutely no idea how Griezmann at Barca is gonna work.

Only thing I can think of is… Messi drops further back still and plays the Iniesta role? Which he could do better than anyone else in the world, but just seems a bit of a waste. Seems the natural conclusion for him but too soon.

Griezmann just off Suarez like he plays with Costa at the moment. Busquets and Rakitic harrying & holding… Messi and Coutinho in midfield behind the strikers. Sounds pretty sexy but I reckon it’d be a bit too open probably. & Dembele (a hundred million pound player!!) pushed further back in the pecking order