Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


I’ve read some people saying they could loan Dembélé out, dunno about that. Surely they could just sell Alcácer, maybe loan Denis Suárez out again and have five players for three positions - Messi, Luis Suárez, Coutinho, Dembélé, Griezmann - that’s assuming they don’t see Coutinho in the middle.


Wasn’t coutinho brought in for the iniesta role? Really stupid transfer if it happens especially since it looks like dembele will have more of a role next year


Messi seems to have taken a shine to dembele so doubt a loan happens


There’s a couple of youth players ready to make the step up, Alena and Busquets II: The Bloodening, and a load of players they could sell - Alcacer, Gomes, Vidal, finalise Rafinha, Denis Suarez

But yeah… dunno. Still weird.


Nice finish.


depends what you’re comparing it to i guess


all other football competitions


it’s among the best


That was probably my favourite attempt on goal in a game of professional football that I’ve watched. Very, very funny shot.


Shame atletico fans are the worst on the continent innit


Yeah that was fucking brilliant


enjoyed the look of pure shame on his face afterwards


This Marseille team is shocking btw


Mad that a team featuring Mandanda, Amavi and Thauvin isn’t much cop.


La liga given 5 champions league spots instead of sweeping all the competitions every year

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Glad I was wrong about Gabi. Chuffed for him


The constant pyrotechnic bangs are stressing me out


Hoisting a trophy must be well good.


Oh just get Juanfran on the fucking avión


don’t give up your dreams