Last Weekend of the Season Football Thread


don’t let champions league losers drop into it. totally undermines the competition


Aye, agree with this actually


Always forget cops here can drink in uniform. 6 of them just left the bar absolutely bladdered, each carrying a pistol, and got into the van.

Dodgy af


So the trophy is ‘hoisted’ today. Count how many times you hear that said. Truth is it is simply ‘lifted’.


I get this reference and I am in love with it.


Shame that tweet of the season was so comfortably sewn up in August really




We should’ve cleaned up in that first leg. Well gutted it’s not us tonight tbh.


Was working tonight and missed the game but tuned in just in time to see BT Sport quizzing Fernando Torres about a return to the Prem. Got me daydreaming. Maybe big Stevie G is already two steps ahead, mind


Feel sorry for payet.

Still love him


Don’t feel sorry, he’s in a better place now


It’s true, but would have been nice if he could win something


easily the best thing about English football.


oh wait maybe this



Reckon they might sell Suarez?



I think he’s going this summer


Transfer window slammed OPEN


I reckon the club might be open to it, but I don’t think he’ll want to go anywhere and he’s popular within the squad. Also can’t see who’d stump up the fee and wages for a 31-year-old who’s already on the wane (you could make a funny joke about Man Utd here if it wasn’t Suarez)


China or the States? Maybe one of the Milan clubs? Can’t think of anyone else