Last working Monday of the year thread

Morning. Not made it out of bed yet but had 3 e-mails over the weekend. Three. Count them. This could be a long week.

Working today audit:

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Well that was a fucking shocking night

Unwell, couldn’t sleep after 3, just watched about 4 straight hours of food youtube

Gonna be a tough one


Boilers leaking, fuck off

Having absolutely the craziest, most vivid dreams at the moment. Every night. Bit annoying.

Weirdly excited today, even though there isn’t anything exciting happening today afaik. All our kids are belong to house, so it’s abiut 100 times noisier than I’ve become used to. Work is chill so far.

Report ends.

Morning all!

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No work for me until January now.

I’m potty training the toddler: day 1. She’s done a poo in the potty already. Going well but I am sure she should have done a wee by now :thinking:

Offering her lots of different drinks but she’s not really interested :crazy_face:

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Working but just driving pretend trains today as I’ve got a simulator day.

Was going to cycle in but weather is wet and wild, so fuck that.


Moooorning yessss

Just looked and I don’t have to set my alarm until the 10th Jan. Yeeeyaaaa.

I mean, I am working, but only afternoon/evening shifts. Taking it as a win nonetheless

Cold is still giving me grief. Sneezed about 800 times since waking up two hours ago. Fun.

Got up to do my only meeting of the day. Now back in bed.


Finally changed the Dark mode colour scheme on here (on phone). Thought for so long that the drop-down was useless but you have to click Save AND then refresh the page to see the change.

Last day of work before Christmas?

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  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Working Christmas Day
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I’m working all week and then I’m on call until 9am Christmas Eve :weary:

Supposed to be my last proper working day as tomorrow is the team Christmas lunch but, while I’m feeling better from Horrible Respiratory Virus No. 2, I’m definitely not feeling up for a day trip to London. So I will be working tomorrow, when everyone else is out having fun. What’s that, you say? There’s inbox cleaning and mandatory training I need to do? Woof.

Anyway, work, then gonna go watch that new French Musketeers film after work. Nothing like a bit of swashbucklin’ for Christmas, right?


Morning all :wave:

I’ve done it, I’ve took a sick day. Gonna lie in bed with the cats and listen to lengthy podcast deep dives in Disney Channel Original Movies of the mid-late 00s as I drift in and out of consciousness.

Hope u all have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


Whilst i am working until Friday, it will be in no way shape or form be as stressful as this time last year, so thats a positive.

Probably would have sacked it off for the year after team drinks event last Thursday evening, but having used a week of leave for Copenhagen at the start of the month that felt excessive.

This may well soak up a chunk of my week as well.

Im being chased to do adult and child safeguarding training, which is so incredibiy irrelevant to my job.

Morning all!

The Child woke up fine this morning so has gone to school without incident. Wor Lass is still suffering a horrible lingering cold.

I need to put the endless marking of dissertations to rest (they should have been done weeks ago) but there are only about 43 forms to up left to update so might clear them by tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve also got a meeting with one of the APs about interview feedback where I’ll ask her what I can do to make my interview content better and she’ll tell me that everyone loves me and I just got beaten by better candidates. She won’t understand that I don’t find that feedback useful.

We haven’t even had a team Christmas do or anything this year. Bit shit tbh

Morning, most people seem to be on holiday so hopefully a quieter Monday. Got a lot of work to do, so I’ve got Limmy on whilst I do everything possible to avoid the work.

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Colleague just telling that over the weekend his family (28 of them) went to Toby Carvery for Christmas meal. One of them dressed as Grinch and handed out selection boxes to the family kids after the meal, at which point ever child in the place joined the queue for selection boxes! :grimacing: :grin:


I might just simply expire tbqh