Last year there were more babies born called

I’m gonna put on a iron shirt
And chase Nigel out of earth


I think Apple is bad and the pillorying was fair, but at least it doesn’t sound like a silly nickname that you’d call a baby


Isn’t there some thing about celebrities giving their kids ridiculous names for the public, then actually calling them normal names in private and for school etc so that they can be somewhat anonymous

I worked with a Nigel who was roughly my age and was a GBOL. Also I get the feeling that the former chancellor of the exchequer, Nigel Lawson, was a bit of a prick.

I guess it’s like that old phrase, better the Nigel you know than the Nigel you don’t.


Are we still taking the piss out of names? Hope any DiSer Nigel’s who may be lurking realise it’s light hearted.

Nobody has taken the piss out of the name Nigel in this thread.

I know a Nigel (my age)

He’s personable to talk to etc but is a Tory


Never heard that but surely it’d be better, if you were going to do that, to pick 2 normal names. Like if you’re Apple Martin you’ll have to give your real name at some point and everyone will go “oh I know you”, whereas if your real name is Ashley Martin nobody is going to remember that that’s what Gwyneth Paltrow’s kid is called.

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That’s not taking the piss or saying it’s a bad or silly name though, just expressing surprise that someone had a baby called Nigel in 2020.


Yeah I’m not really sure how it works either, I think in this scenario, Ashley would be their real name, on their birth cert etc, Apple is just the name they’ve leaked to the press.

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When you’re the third biggest being on the planet, you do need a big name.

Maybe, I just worry sometimes (and I don’t mean me) someone may have a deceased Dad called Nigel. Or any of the other names that get laughed at (which is definitely happening here) I dunno. Maybe I’m over thinking it. Not a dig at you or anyone Funky. Just an observation.

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Seems a bit weird when you could leak a different normal name and avoid everyone losing their shit over what the poor kid is called. That’s got to be better if your concern is your kid’s privacy.


I am surprised, I can’t think of many people I’ve ever met called Nigel and the few famous ones I can think of seem like Boomer generation, so not exactly ripe for a throwback in the way Maude, Ethel, Martha etc are coming back for women. With how many parents are interested in names that seem either ‘unique’ or are influenced by popular culture (TV show ‘Lucifer’), I’m actually not very surprised about Lucifer being popular. Kinda like Aria and Khaleesi.

EDIT: this wasn’t called for. I see where you’re coming from.

I shouldn’t have singled out your post. Sorry. Probably being over sensitive.

David Bowie told everyone that his son’s name was Zowie Bowie, when it was actually Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones.

I have no idea why he thought that was a good idea.

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Names are uncool anyway, just call everyone dave and have done

when I was a kid I thought Nigel was a really cool name because of this great elf lad from the Mega Drive game Landstalker

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I hope Link sued this clown handsomely