Late Bloomers


Bands that rocketed into the public eye after scrapping away for years as relative unknowns

Biffy Clyro




The Flaming Lips


Snow Patrol


The National




Charles Bradley released his debut album at the age of 63.


Seasick Steve


Guided by Voices


Thee Oh Sees


They are still relatively unknown aren’t they? I mean, not much bigger than they were 5/6 years ago.


Sun Ra. Very little of his early life is known (apart from a rumour that he spent time in prison for draft-dodging), yet he suddenly appeared on the Chicago jazz scene, aged 32, immensely talented, restlessly creative, and from Saturn.


not really big but the guy from Beach Slangs like mid -40s


Correct! Forgot the point of my own thread.


Suppose you could put Leonard Cohen in this bracket then also?



And LCD Soundsystem. And wasn’t Sufjan in his 30s when he released Illinoise?


Not so much to do with physical age of artists, but mainly bands who have suddenly made it to the “big time” later in their careers


James Murphy was 32 when Losing My Edge was released. Sufjan was 30 at the time of release for Illinois :+1:


M83. Took them for album 6 to get huge airplay and start playing big venues.


Apparently Charles Bradley had been trying to get his career off the ground since the mid-nineties, performing as a James Brown impersonator.

I think James Murphy, Leonard Cohen and Sufjan Stevens all had varying levels of success before hitting it ‘big’ at the ages mentioned above…