Late evening thread

Someone else has probably beaten me to this by seconds while I am writing this.

How are we all eveninging?

Yes, no duplicate thread!


Just making some Birds Custard up because why not


Glad the meaningful vote’s over before the footers.

Got a packet of these earlier and it’s not even my birthday what am I like rofl.

Edit: luxury matches, someone’s doing pre-tty well for themselves.


Hi kermie :wave:

I am a bit rubbish because of various annoying other people things. Healthy again though after terrible illness of last week that had me in bed for days, so there’s that at least.

How’s things in wormitsville?

Hey FL, Kermy, all.
Had some kievs, mash and peas, solid 7/10 tea. Need to go to the shop but it can wait. Exhausted after a long-ass day but I’ve got some beers and crisps so it’s ok really.

Kermy I just went to go on my email in a browser rather than the app and it tried to get me to sign in to an account under the name Egg Slicer and I just remembered why :joy::joy::joy:

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Hey FL and the rest of you lovely people

Bit of a weird day as I’ve been glued to the Brexit coverage and feel a bit brain-boggled from it all. Also spent the afternoon doing various school runs / trips to book fairs / trips to Rainbows, so I’m spending a few minutes this evening catching up on work emails.

Might have a cup of tea in a bit. Had some VERY nice vegan chocolate cake earlier. Probably the best vegan cake I’ve ever had.

Evening all!

My daughter has been a proper little knacker tonight. I think she wants to leave the EU.

Made a paneer and spinach curry which wasn’t as good as the last time because I used lazy ginger like an idiot.

It’s hailing outside.


Going to have a bath I think. Which I’ll no doubt tire of as soon as I lay in it.

Upstairs having a party again. Sounds like a right laugh. Bloody pensioners today.

Evening Flashinglight, readers of this post, everyone that isn’t reading this post.

I’ve been in an amazing mood all evening and I’m not even sure why, but long may it last, eh?

Made adzuki bean cottage pie and I’m very excited for the wee thing. Was given a remit to top it with cazzer and tats mash, which i through right out the window in favour of doin’ it right good. Even baked the potatoes for the mash for extra even consistency. Golden, m4s.

Hope I’m in this good a mood tomorrow too, that’d be reet good that’d.

I’m hungry.

'er… outdoors is getting me a sausage roll from co-op.

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I’m at the gym. The Brexit coverage is on the TV with subtitles, what should have said “Teresa Mays deal rejected for 2nd time” came up as 231st time. Made me chuckle



TV must be set 2 months in the future. #satire

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got my chicken thighs mainating for tomorrow.

Can’t be fucked with work anymore. Anyone have any ideas for a career change where I can get paid to sort of cook food for myself and read books and eat some chocolate sometimes?

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I’ve eaten too much bread today. 4 slices of toast, 2 HxB, 2 slices of toast for lunch and a half part baked baguette with soup.

Apart from that, had a great day daddy daycaring. Didn’t leave the house because of the weather, but lot of playing and smiles. Had tomato and red pepper soup for dinner and will probably have a fennel tea.


That sounds like a very good day :slight_smile:

Want some bread?

Could go for a HXB if you have any left.

big sad mood :frowning: