Late Friday 🐟 Lunch Thread


Not sure my hearts in it today but here we go:


Those peas minty?




That’s a shame


Had a cheese and marmite sandwich, packet of cheese and onion crisps, and a twirl which I’d been accidently sitting on for most of the morning so was in a bit of a state.


went out to by two things (bread, butter) but somehow forgot the bread, so I’m going have to eggs and potato waffles




Chicken kiev, cauliflower cheese crispbake thing, homemade wedges and beans. Then a twix.


think I’m incapable of buying everything I set out to - pretty much always forget one thing at least, even if there’s less than 3 items


Mushroom and lentil scotch egg with three sides (beetroot & chickpea salad, red cabbage coleslaw, courgette and red pepper couscous) and homemade pickle.


so less than 3

thats 2 or less

and you always forget one thing AT LEAST!

Have there been times when you have returned…gone to the kitchen to prepare the food and then realised you have forgotten everything??




looks like we’ve got ourselves a maths whiz!

yeah that’s pretty much what happened. I walked over to the bread corner, armed with my newly bought butter, to make myself a piece of toast, thinking ‘I can’t wait for this piece of toast, what an earth-shattering meal it’ll be’, and then realised my terrible mistake


Have you considered making lists on your phone?


love you

p.s ive been hanging round in the albatross thread too much today


Made myself a tuna mayo baked potato but I only ate half of it and threw the rest in the bin. Wasn’t even a very big potato.


I considered it but then I scoffed at myself and thought ‘there’s only two items! what kind of idiot could possibly forget them’

the hubris


Four hours without food and i feel like death. Another twenty hours to go…


I had some leftover noodles and 2 big bits of homemade banana bread

i’m still waiting for my fucking car to arrive and i’m starting up some beeves with the people that manage my building/car park to pass the time