Late of the Pier


Re-issue of their album coming early next year, plus bonus outtakes and demos compilation:

Remember seeing them live in my freshers week and being completely blown away, rinsed this album so much during first year. Was kinda hoping for new music when they posted on FB a few months ago, although the compilation looks interesting enough.


I was obsessed as a 15 yr old. Nearly got decked in the face at one of their shows.

Happy times.


Been after the vinyl for years always too expensive. Think I have most of the bonus content though


Think I have every demo they ever recorded stored away safely already, but they are in terrible bitrates.

Veeeery tempted by this, one of my all time favourite albums. Still stands up brilliantly today too. Never got to see them live which is a deep regret of mine.

The LA Priest album from a couple of years back is great too.

Could talk about this album all day long. In fact, I plan to!


Such a fun band, on record and live. Reminded me of Ross’s death. That was very sad.


Got to say £40 is pretty steep for the deluxe edition


Didn’t care the original has been about £80.00 on discogs for a while.


sorry to do this but… they were SO good live

I saw them at Lowlands festival in 2008


They were such a special band, remember seeing them live and rinsing the record thinking that this was just the start and they’d go on and maybe be a British answer to Of Montreal, seemed so full of vibrancy and ideas. Think they just got bogged down in label/industry pressures and split up which is such a shame. Ross passing a few years back was really tragic :frowning:

I won’t buy the reissue however I hope that lost 2nd album gets released (rumour has it they recorded a follow up about a year or so after the debut and the label flat out rejected it for being too weird). Would love to hear that


My band played a few shows with Late of the Pier back when they were on the Way Out West label, think it was around the time of their first single release. I must have been about 7 or 8 years older than them at the time but remember being astonished how young they were yet so good. They were totally lovely sweet kids in a ramshackle chaotic way but very focused and aware of themselves. I was so impressed with them as a band and as people and was dead happy that they eventually did get the attention they deserved.


Thanks for starting this thread. It’s inspired me to revisit for the first time in years and it’s perfect Fri PM listening.


definitely a fan of Fantasy Black Channel and even the 2 tracks they released after, Best in Class and especially Blueberry.

If this new pressing of FBC isn’t excessive, and it’s available in the States as well, I could see picking it up as I don’t own a 1st pressing.

It does make me wonder if an Apes & Androids - Blood Moon could still come out someday (even though they were not even a fraction as popular). Blood Moon is my 3rd favorite album of all-time.

Also comes to mind about vinyl and some of the other “21st Century Electronic Rock” albums that I’ve written about in my blog here and there, including a few years back it aka Indietronica


Think i saw them at Plug N Play in Reading. Were they the ones with the rainbow effect glasses?


Revisited this album last year. It has aged very well


Haven’t thought about them for ages, used to love that album


I was having a rummage through ‘lost’ albums purchased from Apple in the short post CD, pre-streaming era and had a listen- great album.


Top 5 one and done bands


For those who want to revisit LOTP legacy:


never listened to these before. wrote them off as an NME hype band without ever listening to them.

got the album on rn and it’s dece


oh, I know ‘Space and The Woods’.

yeah, this probs put me off. that main guitar riff is silly.

not saying it’s bad, just that I reckon I probs heard it on Lamacq Live and thought it was some landfill wank