Late Thursday Night Time

What’s wrong with you people?


Not a lot, just had a breakfast of chicken and waffles and am about to board a boat to look at whales.


Evening all!

We defrosted and reheated a, quite frankly, horrible risotto from the freezer for tea.

Today has felt like a long day but I’m not back in a college building until a week on Monday. Tomorrow is a training for Glasgow schools so I’ll be talking to students online but probably not because why would they want to talk to me when they have essays to write? and making snacks for her.

We’re watching a film later and I am pleased about it. I’m less pleased about the fact I think I made myself a full power coffee instead of a decaf.

I don’t want to like chicken and waffles but they are very good and those look like very good examples of the genre.

Working til midnight innit

I didn’t really fancy them, but I’d always kinda wanted trying it as a dish and it seemed like as good an opportunity as any. Very silly dish

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Had a bit of a wobble earlier so made myself have a long walk, got about 20k steps in and then had some trusty old heinz tomato soup. Tomatoes save the day once again :tomato:

Just had the babysitter over to meet M, she’s very disappointed its not the one from Tuesday so no doubt she’ll tell her that at some point :grimacing:

Really fancy one of those hot chocolate sachets from the 90s that had different flavours like mint and were probably utterly vile. What were they called?


Options? Maybe?

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Still exist apparently!

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Would love a drink but I’m abstaining until the Jazz Weekend at the end of the month. Going to read the Nico biography and have a sit down once A is asleep.

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My wife drank it while she was pregnant, though it was out of a jar instead of a sachet. Not the same nineties experience.

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Was in the pub probably within 3 minutes of work finishing. Now home with a pizza and more beer. Tonight is my Friday eve so am gonna stay up late eating crap and watching crap tv like Lord of the Rings or whatever sky have on movies


Had leftover saag paneer, playing spidey, need to source a dessert, might have a medicinal OF, bed before 10 I reckon


Omg share


Is this suggested post the one that finally makes me delete instagram?

AROMA NAPOLETANO shared a post on Instagram: "Un cornetto XXL può essere accompagnato solo da un buon cappuccino XXL 😎
Almeno il godimento è doppio 🤩

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☎️ 02 36574 616

#milano #milan #igersmilano...

Someone at my work still regularly brings them in and I get very tempted by them whenever I can smell them

Quite fancy an orange choc one


I respect the dedication to the cause of the ice cream

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Still a thing. I really like the white chocolate one, got a jar of it as an easy, instant hot chocolate thing.

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We get the sachets for my daughter if she wants a treat