Inspired by some chat in the daily thread

Are you

  • Generally early for things
  • Generally on time for things
  • Generally late for things

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I really, really fucking hate being late. I’d rather be an hour early for something than a minute late. Lateness annoys the piss out of me in others too, very easily avoidable trait (obviously sometimes there are very valid lateness reasons)


Try to be “on time” which is five minutes early if that makes sense.


I’m often ridiculously early for important things.

One exception when I was young was a job interview in Leeds. My train was delayed so I ended up having to sprint up a hill to the interview, which I then sweated like a pig through. I didn’t get the job.

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Used to always be super early then I was surrounded by very late friends and the only way to not be eternally fuming was to be a bit later.

Now it totally depends - if it’s work/school then I’m just on time usually. Everything else painfully early and have to find somewhere to lurk. Even times when I’m like only 6 minutes early and I’ve broken out into a panic sweat that I’ve missed something it seems everyone else is always late and they never miss anything?


chronically late to everything in my entire life

have improved considerably over the years since i know it’s annoying/a very bad trait, but still at my heart am just overly optimistic about timings. Oh it’s a 10 min walk, guess i’ll put my shoes on 10 mins before the thing starts, oh that bus gets me in with 3 mins to spare yeah that’ll be perfect etc etc. I know delays happen every day and yet can never make myself factor them into my planning

have managed to never miss a flight or a train I’d already paid for though, so I can clearly make it work when the chips (pounds) are down


Friends that are always late can be testing, with one who I don’t see that often now it got to the point where we’d agree a time for food and I’d just reserve the table for 30 minutes later than agreed.


i would say this, but pretty big disagree here. Not saying it’s especially excusable or shouldn’t annoy people, but I think it’s caused by fundamentally different attitudes/approaches/expectations of the world rather than just simple laziness etc - so there’s quite a lot of work that a habitually late person needs to do to change their ways

which I wouldn’t call easily avoidable if you have found yourself as someone who’s always late (whether through nature or nurture)


I have the autistic tendency of getting really stressed by lateness, so I’m very much a be ready early and arrive promtly type of person. This is wonderful when combined with a partner with ADHD!


Much like Ashanti I won’t answer my phone but I will be on time


Am often optimistic about how long things will take but on the other hand I’m not very faffy so it balances out a bit. Mornings used to be a struggle due to the added difficulty of getting up but rarely have anywhere to be in the morning now.


I try to be on time/early and hate hate hate being late. My partner is chaotic and doesn’t really have a sense of time, and now we also have a baby so we’re generally late for everything now.


Remember when your work changed your start date to half an hour later cos you were always late and then you just ended up being late half an hour later? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::heart:


Walked away from a work meeting recently when no one showed up after 15 minutes and another one after 20 minutes and both times the people who were late (without word) acted like I was in the wrong for not hanging on…indefinitely. No pal.

Can’t possibly express how stressed and angry I was getting not just at the lateness but the uncommunicated change. There was no way I could turn round and come back, it was like a drawbridge coming up or something, I couldn’t explain that there was no way I’d be coming back as I needed time to calm down without them thinking I was a douchebag but they’re the douchebags!

As a company we’re always late - I had to go to a meeting at the museum, I rang them to say none of my colleagues including our manager had shown up in our meeting place yet and we’d be at least 30 minutes late but none of my colleagues knew I’d done that and not a single one mentioned maybe doing that or even apologising when we arrived halfway into the meeting. It’s so disrespectful and with this stuff I am a stickler for doing the right thing so I go to pieces when I’m late because other people in my group just cba.




strong relate, was just as late to my Thursday 2pm uni lectures as my Monday 9am ones


Yep. As someone with dyspraxia, I’ve had a mare with time management my entire life. Memory, concentration, planning are all impacted. It’s one of those hidden things that infuriates even supposedly progressive people in this area.


“oh you know me I’m always late!!!” get a grip.


I’ve had this driven home to me even more lately with me having a few hospital appointments which obviously you don’t want to turn up late to. Nevertheless I’ll be outside the hospital a good half hour ahead of my appointment and even then I won’t be able to bring myself to stay out there until nearer the time. Rather I’ll go and sit in the actual waiting area for twenty minutes despite it being one of the most miserable places you could possibly go to wait in.

Well now I look like a right monster!


“oh you know me i’m always a monster!!”