Later...with Jools Holland - series 50!

I hope the BBC Maidstone studios have battened down the hatches cos Kasabian are fucking up their roof tonight!

I’ll be watching for Thundercat, Anderson .Paak and Goldfrapp (dece lineup).


Only watched the first three acts last night, but see the guy in the white coat singing with Kasabian? Is he the actual singer or is it an actor or something featuring on their new song - not a fan and never really paid attention to them, but if ever a band had a fifth wheel…

Didn’t watch it.

Probably a structural engineer.


Spoon were wicked. I think I have a new favourite band


My mum thought Kasabian were quite nice, and sounded like showaddywaddy. She didn’t like thundercat and asked me about the ‘clip hanging from his nose’.


Actually a pretty decent episode- Spoon, Thundercat, Anderson .Paak and Goldfrapp were all good.

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. Shame about that Kasabian lot.

I didn’t watch them. I need my roof intact.


I am a fan of the show. But that last episode. I’d rather to the dentist than go through that again.


Just saw the line up, going to give it a swerve.

Next week looks a bit shit too, shame.

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All I want is a live music show where all the bands are catered to my specific taste. Is that too much to ask?

The Cuban act were ok, everything else was either terrible or a little bland. Hope next week is better.

At least Kasabian weren’t on it again.

What a missed opportunity that episode was. You’d imagine with Ed Sheeran on their might be some people watching who wouldn’t normally. They might have liked some of the people who were on last week (Spoon, Anderson Paak etc) but the world music dreck that was on this week is unlikely to have attracted anyone’s attention.

The Internet have come across as an incredibly awkward live act there… Disappointing.

Would have been far better doing a Steve lacy song

Best thing that ever happened on Jools was ATDI tearing it up. Been many other good performances but that one was out of this world. Don’t think you can get it on youtube anymore. @nemrac time to reel it out again

Caught a bit of Thundercat the other week and was very intrigued. Bass was all over the place (london). Tried the album when it came out but it hurt my head at the time. Due a re-try

Dailymotion my friend (please don’t autoplay)

The Thundercat album is ace, give it another shot


They weren’t great but they were the best thing on it this week (not that that is saying much at all)

Only caught a bit of the show last night but that Ed Sheeran Galway girl song really fucking irks me which is some feat considering he’s a generally annoying bollocks.