Latest Food Trend?


What’s the latest food trend that people can’t get enough of? I’m a bit out of touch and presume everyone has moved on from different African cuisines and Poke onto something else now.


Cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick. It finally came back.


lukewarm reheated fishermans pie.


But the pineapple tastes like cheese and the cheese tastes like pineapple?




Do you reckon there’s someone out there called Luke Warm?


We did a school play once called “Star Flaws” featuring “Luke Warmwater”. It was hilarious.





Digestives with butter on them. Maybe jam as well.




spag bol


spag bol isn’t even italian
you shouldn’t drink cappuccinos after 10am




Start a Stupid Food & Drink Rules thread please. I would start it but I’m only allowed one thread a day.


Not Even Italian - that’s the name of my new street food van. Spag bol, carbonara, ciabatta ‘pizzas’, amaretto lattes, that kind of thing


Massive rise in prices for the customer and loads of restaurants closing down


Hawaiian pizzas?


Loving the “trojan chip” that is appearing on pub menus recently. Basically it’s a one giant chip presented on a plate, the chip is filled with lots of little chips. Cooking chips inside a big chip means the inside chips become really crispy and flavoursome, who would have thought it.