Latest Food Trend?

Sounds great I’ll have some

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Had a beef fat taco at temper the other week. Felt like a logical wanky regression from offal.

What was Temper like?


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Quite calm.

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Great I’ll be your first customer

Good review.

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Vegan junk food

Had this last night.

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Was going to say, jack fruit seems like a real trend right now. This will be the summer pulled jack fruit goes mainstream.

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Missus had a jackfruit curry on Friday and pulled jackfruit is everywhere fam


Reckon salted caramel might really take off soon. Also kale

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Food Gordon Banks


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Activated charcoal.

Saw tubs of charcoal salt being sold all over Iceland last week. Tastes smokey and salty all at the same time.

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“Mainstream” means my parents will have heard of it, not some beardo craft beer wanker (no offence).


Brought back a lot of lava salt when I was last in Iceland a couple of years ago, so good on fish.

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Been mainstream for a while. Sainsburys even do BBQ pulled jack fruit as a ready meal.


I do not like jackfruit

I’m going to say Halva.

I had this in NYC in Jan and it’s the nuts.