Latest memory?

Last night I had a nice falafel wrap and then a few drinks in the black heart on a sorta date thing (they don’t feel like date dates already)


Posting in the earliest memory thread.

I read a witty retort by @ruffers to one of my posts.

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I remember that!!


Dithering over sandwiches in Sainsbury’s, picking loads of stuff up and then thinking “fuck it, I’m going to treat myself and go to M&S” putting it all back down, getting on a bus and typing this.

I went into the ladies underwear section of M&S and asked if they had any men’s shirts at approx 8:30 this morning.
They did not. Wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row in work now :confused:

rock and roll

Worried I smell

2 days could be totally fine, but it’s humid out there

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Girl at work brought in home made cookies. I hadn’t realised I needed a second breakfast till I ate it.


This is a very interesting question Ruffers, at what point does an experience become a memory? Am I experiencing a memory of the start of this sentence even now as I reach the end of it?

Yeah this is where I was going with it really, I think it’s the point where anxiety becomes regret.

boo, I was just distracted by being aghast a gig venue has been turned into yet another wetherspoons and forgot what I was going to say to you. Whatever it was I promise you it was hilarious.

Take it to the latest lost memory thread, witches!


This is very profound IM honest O

Y’know what for all the Brexit bollocks and the weird classism surrounding Spoons in general their policy of buying Victorian buildings and keeping them largely authentic is really one of the only good things about companies that buy land in the whole of the UK

Welly wellington, I was not aware.

reading the op

Watching the phantom menace

How about now