Latest Releases 16/04/2021

They played a song from a new EP by Leonidas & Hobbes called Aranath on 6 music and it sounded really good.

Someone more technically competent than me can probably do an embedded thingy for it, but here’s the bandcamp link 'Aranath' EP - 3 Bonus Mixes on DL (HM015) [AMBIENT, DEEP HOUSE, TECHNO] | Leonidas & Hobbes | hobbesmusic

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Also strong contender for worst album artwork of the year too

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Been looking forward to this. In the experimental neo classical/electronics area

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New Vladislav Delay is some surpisingly gnarly industrial glitch. Very much my bag.


Loved the singles so have high hopes for the album. Just sticking it on now

I’ve heard the first single but haven’t kept up with the others. I’ve never listened to his first solo album actually, always forget it exists

Listening to this now - I likes it - very nicely recorded and nice melodic songs

Autogramm - synth-driven power pop from Vancouver

Really looking forward to the new Andy Stott, but the big one for me is the new Natural Information Society with Evan Parker. I’ve been a big fan of Joshua Abrams’ group since Magnetoception in 2015, and this one sounds very promising…


Glitchy electronic music with lots of interesting processed vocals:


this was a lovely listen

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Hmmmm, started out with some Stott (ok) but switched to this, and the combination of prime era OPN / Haunt Me Hecker and my car when it develops a bad grinding fault is a winner so far!


Yeah I really enjoyed it as well, nice way to kick off a sunny Friday.

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Andy Stott
Sharon Van Etten

Alaskan Tapes- ambient, modern composition

58918012- The Land EP- ambient drone

Garage A Trois- first album in 22 years! Psych, jazz, funk, jamband

Orange and Mountains- ambient, modern composition, experimental, electronic


Another fabulous DS release. I have yoinked a cassette for the eventual day I have a cassette player to play it on.


Really liking this Sasha and the Valentines album. Thanks to whoever recommended it. Definite Beach House vibes and it’s right up my street.

Really enjoyed this and the concept behind it


and big props to @Twinkletoes for that cassette design!


This is really cool, thanks for posting!

This is rad!